2022 Indiana General Election: Meet the Clark-Pleasant School Board Candidates – IndyStar | Team Cansler

The Clark-Pleasant School Board of Directors consists of five members. Two of the seats represent Clark Township, two are for Pleasant Township, and one is an At Large seat. There are three of these seats to choose from.

Clark community

Two positions are available.

Linda Polesel

Linda Polesel is a retired music teacher from Clark Elementary School and has lived in Whiteland all her life. She graduated from Whiteland Community High School and said in a Facebook post that she made the decision to run for school board after retiring in 2020 after seeing some worrisome issues regarding schools in the district and in the country emerged. In a post on Facebook, Polesel said she’s concerned a “wake-up culture” is encroaching on the school district and wants to fight “the indoctrination by those who want to reshape our society.” She also mentions taking US Constitution courses at Hillsdale College, a private Christian college in Michigan that has close ties to Republican leaders. Polesel was also supported by Purple for Parents of Indiana, an activist group that believes social-emotional learning and comprehensive sex education should not be taught in schools.

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