St. Thomas School Celebrates 50 Years of Catholic Education in Sanford, Maine – | Team Cansler

Much has changed for Catholics in Sanford over the past 50 years.

For example, in 1972 there were three churches in the city, each with its own parish and priest: Saint Ignatius in downtown Sanford, Holy Family on the East Side, and Notre Dame in Springvale. In 2006, only one pastor became responsible for leading all three churches. With the closure of St Ignatius in 2010, there were no longer three Catholic churches but two – and over time they were merged into a single entity, the Parish of St Therese of Lisieux.

That’s a lot of variety. As someone who grew up in downtown Sanford, attended Mass and Sunday School at St. Ignatius Church, and got married there, I can attest to such a change. And as someone who now serves on the ward council, I can testify that there are more exciting changes ahead.

With all these changes, however, there has been one constant over the past 50 years: St. Thomas School.

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