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Today (19 October) the BBC launches a major new partnership bringing programmes, brands and experts together to offer consumers help in coping with the cost of living crisis. Viewers will be offered tips, advice and savings solutions as the BBC brings together expertise from across the business. Out of rip off uk to The One Show/WatchdogPrograms over the BBC will be involved Cost of living: Tackle together.

BBC News Online will be the beating heart of the project and home to the best content, whenever audiences need it. There will be specific cost-of-living news stories and newsletters, including daily low-cost recipes and tips and solutions from fellow consumers.

Start today

The initiative will be launched online and then broadcast live from Sunderland on Radio 4 later in the day today, BBC breakfastRadio 5 Live, Radio 1 news blow, News at 6 and 10 and news night. Nicky Campbell will present his BBC Radio 5 Live show from The Fire Station in Sunderland to discuss how the crisis is affecting the lives of people locally while sharing solutions with a studio audience of 60 and a host of special guests explore, which will be broadcast simultaneously on the BBC News Channel.

BBC News and Current Affairs CEO Deborah Turness says:

“At a time of great uncertainty for so many, the BBC is stepping up to help people get through the cost of living crisis. We are assembling a team of BBC experts who will devote themselves to this initiative we have called Tackle together. They offer daily solutions, share personal finance tips and answer important questions. We’ve also teamed up with BBC Food to deliver an affordable daily recipe to families struggling with so many financial constraints.

“You will find it Tackle together via BBC News Digital, Radio and TV as well as the Jeremy Vine Show on radio 2, The One Show, money box on Radio 4 and many other outlets. We are determined to be there for our audiences when they need us most and to ensure the BBC provides value for all as millions navigate these difficult times.”

A team of experts

A team of experts will work to help audiences through the crisis:

  • Colletta Smith and Kevin Peachey become cost-of-living correspondents
  • Social Affairs Correspondent Michael Buchanan will be dedicated to telling the stories of people across the UK
  • Cost of Living Correspondent Colletta Smith will share tips and solutions for people trying to cope with rising costs
  • Midlands correspondent Navtej Johal will follow stories of hope and resilience in the face of adversity over the course of a year in the Derby
  • BBC Breakfast business presenter Hannah Miller and Cost of Living correspondent Kevin Peachey will offer advice on personal finance
  • Business Editor Simon Jack and Business Editor Faisal Islam will provide the latest updates on what the unfolding crisis means for businesses and money markets
  • today will hold politicians accountable and tell the real story behind their promises in a weekly feature
  • Zoe Conway, Employment Correspondent, will be present to help viewers delve into all things related to the world of work
  • Martin Lewis will share his expertise and knowledge in the new weekly The Martin Lewis Podcast
  • Jeremy Vine will regularly be giving interviews and expert advice on his Radio 2 show
  • And special correspondent Fergal Keane will return to the people and places he visited in 2000 and then again in 2012 Resilient BritainMeeting with some of the most troubled communities in the UK.

The content will tell stories from across the UK. Following the launch in Sunderland, there will be special coverage days at 11 additional locations to give audiences the opportunity to tell their stories, share their tips and speak to experts. As well as Sunderland are the towns of Dumbarton, Arbroath, Newtown, Lurgan, Hawes, Bolton, Ilfracombe, Derby, Ipswich, Croydon and Gloucester.

That Cost of living: Tackle together will also be featured in all programs in the nations and regions:


  • BBC Local will support the launch with special coverage across all of its radio stations and TV news programs and will continue to cover issues related to the cost of living crisis

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