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By Tristan Leach

Grinning in a Cranberry Rider crew neck, Lindsay Sherman bounced excitedly in her chair. Her eyes widened with excitement and her eyebrows raised with her voice as she spoke about her love of life at Rider.

A junior majoring in elementary education, Sherman is what some would describe as busy and busy. The dedicated junior is a sister of Alpha Xi Delta (AXID), Content Tutor, Tour Guide, President of the Student Education Association (SEA), Treasurer of Rider’s Unified Sports, and General Member of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC).

All her life, Sherman has loved school, choosing not only her major but also clubs that match her passion.

“There are so many reasons why I want to be a teacher, [and] I think the main reason is that I really love school,” Sherman said. “I’ve always loved to learn. I’m the first person to raise my hand in class. I love participating in education.”

Sherman’s love of education has earned her some top spots on campus. In addition to being President of SEA, she is also an Andrew J. Rider Fellow. The hardworking junior just held As and achieved a 4.0 GPA.

“You get a letter saying you’re in the top 1 percent of your college. My grade puts me in the top 1 percent,” Sherman said. “It’s very exciting, but very tough.”

Sherman has been an Andrew J. Rider Scholar, Rider’s highest undergraduate achievement, since her freshman year of college, and continues to work hard to maintain that achievement.

All Sherman does is work hard. Outside of school, she runs a sewing company called Sunshine Stitches Co., teaches children, sings at parties and charity events.

Despite her extremely busy schedule, Sherman puts everything into every task. Whether she’s attending a sorority party or giving a tour, she’s laser focused and ready to give her best.

Sherman threw himself into sorority last spring semester and ended up at AXID. The dedicated sister came for the philanthropy and to meet more people.

Her sisters include Amanda Conover, an elementary school teacher.

“There are so many qualities that I think make Lindsay a good sister to AXID,” said Conover. “She is so compassionate and very empathetic towards other people. She is always there for you.”

Lindsay Sherman poses for photos for her sorority AXID. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Sherman.

Her hard work has also paid off in her professional career. Sherman and other educational majors all participate in internship classes. These courses prepare students for fieldwork or classroom work, and that semester Sherman was assigned her dream class: kindergarten.

Laurel Meskill, an elementary school teacher, is Sherman’s roommate and one of her best friends.

“What makes Lindsay a very good candidate for a kindergarten teacher is that she has this personality where she’s very lively, but she knows when to control things. She knows when to let kids be kids,” Meskill said.

Every Thursday morning, Sherman and her two roommates get up around 6 a.m. and get ready to work in the fields. Sherman and her friends choose dresses that make the others say, “That’s just so cute!”

Sherman jokingly mentioned that she “manifested” the job. The truth is that her love of school, good grades, friendly nature and hard work got her into her dream job, even if it will only be for one semester. However, Sherman does not see this fact negatively. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to learn how to be a good teacher.

Sherman said, “My dream is to work as a kindergarten teacher in my hometown.”

Originally from Westfield, New Jersey, Sherman has drawn inspiration from family, friends, and teachers she has worked with. Whenever work feels like too much or stress takes over, Sherman thinks of these people.

“My mother is a great inspiration, she works in a school. She is a parapro and I went with her to take your child to work during the day. And that showed me how much I love teaching,” she explained.

So she keeps working hard, getting the best grades and putting everything into homework that even Sherman finds difficult. There’s no reason for Sherman to stop or stop trying. Once she sets her mind to something, she will do it, and Sherman has done it and will continue to do it.

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