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When Hao N. was looking for a university to study in USA, he was looking for the affordable and best option.

“The scholarship that was offered to me convinced me to study at Lewis University. The cost of living and the scholarship allowed me to live my dreams,” he shares. “Studying here fit my family’s budget.”

The scholarship Hao speaks of is just one of several financial aids available to undergraduate students. Here, undergraduate and transfer students are eligible for scholarships of up to $16,000 per year each. Approximately $60 million is awarded annually through federal, state, institutional, and donor funding. As many as 98% of the students receive some form of financial support.

Look beyond the generous amount of scholarships and you will find an institution with just as many opportunities. Located 35 miles southwest of ChicagoLewis University is the eighth largest private, nonprofit university in Illinois. it’s home 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students who have access to internship opportunities and faculty connections with global companies within the Fortune 500.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, you can expect faculty and staff from all walks of life to challenge and support your academic, personal, and professional growth. Take business analytics, for example. Learn data analysis tools for business decision-making, gain hands-on experience in financial portfolio management, and develop problem-solving skills through project simulations—that’s what this program is all about.

Aviation enthusiasts can choose to study aviation administration or Aerospace Engineering. These programs will help you master the technical knowledge and expertise required in the aviation industry. Aerospace Engineering teaches you the intricacies of software such as fly-by-wire control systems, glass pane avionics, advanced composites technologies, and more.

who study data science Learn math, statistics, and computer science to collect, analyze, and interpret data for various applications and industries. Upon graduation, students will help organizations use data to optimize their operations and inform their decision-making.

At Lewis University, you benefit from direct, hands-on experience and collaboration with professors. Source: Lewis University

No matter what type of major you choose, you can expect quality education at an affordable price. Other popular undergraduate programs are Business Administration, Technical computer Science, computer science, Internet security, Business and human resources management.

No wonder graduates like Hao were able to get a job quickly after graduation – and one that offered the chance to work with other alumni. “After graduating, I was fortunate to receive a job offer from a business analytics company in Chicago,” he explains. “The company had others Lewis University Graduates – who recommended me for employment – ​​and I felt comfortable working with them.”

Statistics show how employable Lewis University graduates are. 89% of the students from the 2020 class were employed or attending college. Some of the companies where they can be found are American Express, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and many more. It is no wonder that this institution was ranked among the best regional universities in the Midwest (US News & World Report) and one of the best colleges in the Midwest (The Princeton Review).

Statistics like these convince students like Jerald R – from the Philippines – that they made the right choice. “I liked that a variety of organizations provided positive reviews and rankings for Lewis Universityso I could be sure that this is a good place to study.” Jerald says. “When I got here, I knew I had made the right choice.”

Hai agrees. “I got a job in business analytics after graduation and my dreams came true because I knew I could study there Lewis University was an investment in my future. I couldn’t be happier with the experience and the job I’m in now,” he says.

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