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That [York]Various proposals will be funded, with prizes ranging from $2,500 to more than $50,000. In total, York College professors received $85,541 from this brand new funding source made available to CUNY The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

According to a CUNY publication, BRESI is “a historic initiative at CUNY with the overarching goal of reshaping and transforming university programs in Black, Race and Ethnic Studies across CUNY. Nine RFP sites were set up last spring to start promising work to advance BRESI’s mission. The $1.9 million grant from the Mellon Foundation was provided to support a variety of proposals across the university.”

CUNY reports that more than 500 proposals were submitted from across the system and “were evaluated by members of the BRESI Council and nine RFP committees. A total of 126 proposals were selected for funding, including those that demonstrated such qualities as innovation, focus and impact on ethnic studies development, and sustainability; Emphasis has also been placed on representing a broad cross-section of the CUNY community, including community and senior colleges, as well as graduate and professional schools.”

The York recipients are Professors Lindamichelle Baron, Robin Harper, Vincent Alexander Jones II, Harrynauth Persaud, Michael Sharpe and Larry Tung.

BRESI awards

“It is an honor to be one of the BRESI award winners, who could not have come at a better time,” said Dr. Harrynauth Persaud, Associate Program Director and Associate Professor at the Physician Assistant Program in York, explored the barriers to tenure, reappointment and promotion that faculty members who teach in health professions and clinical programs face. Funds from this grant will be used to prepare and disseminate this valuable research on a larger scale, particularly in the form of reviewed articles.”

dr Persaud added that “the results of this research should be valuable to the wider academic community, including York College and CUNY.”

dr Robin Harper, a political science professor who received $51,758, says she is:

“I am very pleased to offer this opportunity to the students of York College.” Harper added, “The goal of my scholarship is to use the funds to help York College students pursue meaningful internships and professional development for careers in public policy.”

The pre-law mentor explained the difficulties students face in getting meaningful internships during their studies, which makes her scholarship an important help.

“The project builds on our Political Science Internship class, POL 393 and POL 394 – Seminar Internship in New York City Government and Community Development, and connects students with careers in public policy,” said Dr. Harper. “By completing meaningful internships in the offices of the legislature, providing academic content on issues of current public concern, and offering a professional development program, students also meet with public policy professionals to learn about potential careers.”

Professor Harper says she places students in internships and supports them throughout the semester.

“My plan for BRESI is to write about this experience for an educational magazine,” said Professor Harper. “I will also be working on developing an internship guide for students like ours, who often have long work experience but are unable to demonstrate their skills to achieve the kind of careers they want. Due to the generosity of the BRESI scholarship, students are also paid for internships in the POL 394 class of the spring semester. The class is open to all York College students. Please apply.”

Funded York Proposals each went to Professor Vincent Alexander Jones II, Proposal Title: Health Education and Effectiveness in Responding to Violence and Other Negative Dating App Experiences Among Black and Sexual Minorities: A Qualitative Study.

Title of the proposal by Dr. Persaud: Obstacles to tenure and reappointment of faculty employed in clinical programs.

Title of Professor Larry Tung’s proposal: Hear My Voice – A Documentary about Three East Asian American Women Members of the New York City Council.

Title of Dr. Harper: Paid BRESI internships to capitalize on careers.

dr Lindamichelle Baron, Proposal Title: Effectiveness of Using 3D Simulations to Support Social Justice Teaching in Teacher Preparation; and

dr Michael Sharpe, Proposal Title: The Politics of Racism and Antiracism in Japan.

dr Vincent Alexander Jones II, whose career is still young, was awarded $10,000 and is delighted with the outcome of his scholarship. He was recently a guest on the “Indoor Voice” podcast with BRESI award winners.

“I am delighted to have received this grant along with great colleagues who share a vision of improving conditions for marginalized communities,” said Dr. Jones. Given the ubiquity of mobile dating apps, I will use this grant to conduct research that will not only document this important time in history, but hopefully lead to educational and policy outcomes that promote sustainable and safe online dating, especially for sexual ones Minorities, women, and people of color who have suboptimal experiences. I am honored to have this opportunity to serve the college in a meaningful way and I hope for the positive impact of the work.”

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