New Lafayette board member expresses concern about ‘gay ideology’ – Journal & Courier | Team Cansler

LAFAYETTE, Indiana — Chuck Hockema, newly elected to the board of directors at Lafayette Community School, will not tolerate openly gay teachers, the 80-year-old said after Tuesday’s election.

He has no problem with them outside of the classroom, Hockema said. But if he has his way, there will be no one left on an LSC campus expressing gay “ideology” at work.

“If there’s a teacher who wants to be gay, that’s fine,” Hockema told J&C. “That is her prerogative. I hired gays. I let them work for me, but I wouldn’t allow a gay person to offload their feelings and ideology onto other employees.

“If they did, they would be gone.”

Hockema defeated his opponent, District 7 incumbent Stephen Bultinck, who had served on the LSC board for nearly 15 years.

The margin of victory was 120 votes – 379 to 259.

Hockema is a member of the grassroots group Tippe Citizens’ Devolution of Education, an association of parents who, according to their website, “support school board candidates who put children first, leave medical decisions in the hands of parents, and create safe, healthy environments for our children, reject “awakened” agendas and defend parental rights,” as described on their website.

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