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Introduction to Organization and Management (MGMT 101) is a core class for students studying at Freeman College of Management. The course is offered in both the fall and spring semesters and teaches students management theories, concepts and models.

A unique aspect of this particular course is the opportunity for students to design and manage their own businesses and participate in service projects through the sale of products. Each company raises money for a charity of their choice and is able to integrate business and service work.

Businesses partner with a business or charity – usually in the area. After completing their semester, students can donate their winnings to this group, doing positive work for the betterment of the community.

While businesses are free to choose what to sell, it’s popular to find these student groups at the ELC throughout the semester selling their products to students in passing.

Within the company, the students take on different roles to mimic real companies. These roles include CEO, VP of Accounting and Financial Management, VP of Fundraising and more. Members also become part of various committees such as fundraising, service, communications and more. Considered a staple for Bucknell management students, this course enables them to organize and oversee the success of their company from start to finish.

The four management companies for this fall semester 2022 have started product sales in the past few weeks and three have taken the time to explain their accomplishments and goals.

Cruising to the Summit

This MGMT 101 company is working with Summit Early Learning to raise money for their child care center. The Summit Early Learning Center is a local child care facility in Lewisburg.

Many children of Bucknell professors and faculty members provide childcare for children up to age 12. To raise money for the center, Cruising to the Summit organized several events and fundraisers.

Some of the events the company organized were a fall run, an online fundraiser, and merchandise sales. The fall fun ride and online fundraiser raised over $5,000, which goes directly to the Summit Early Learning Childcare Center.

The company split their time to personally advertise and sell shirts at the ELC mall. The company also runs an Instagram account called @cruisingtothesummit, which highlights what the company has been up to and sells merchandise. The sweatshirts they sell are available to everyone on Instagram, and all proceeds are donated to the Summit Early Learning Children’s Center.

Ascending peaks

In partnership with Cruising to the Summit, Ascending to Summit is also working to raise money for the Lewisburg Center of Summit Early Learning. Her goal is to make updates to the center to improve the student and faculty experience.

Jess Ryan ’25, vice president of service for the company, was able to share what her time with the company was like.

“We want to help the Summit Early Learning community because of the importance of early childhood education and the impact this daycare is having on young children,” said Ryan. “Our experience is so unique because two companies have not worked with a service partner for over 10 years. This process was so rewarding because we were able to do so much for Summit.”

With the merger of the two companies, the collection of 50 students instead of 25 has reached almost 600 service hours in total.

Ryan continued, “At the center we painted five classrooms and several murals around the school, outfitting them with a new bookshelf and organized reading nook. Outside, we power washed the exterior, reorganized two sheds and filled in play areas that needed more mulch to avoid trip hazards.”

Companies have also been working outside of Summit to improve the landscape. They added mulch to the outside and made raised beds for the kids to plant in. They also built picnic tables for the kids.

“I really enjoyed working with my team to create our service plans for Summit. What started with Summit wanting a paint job here and there has evolved into a complete renovation of the center’s interior and exterior. I’m thrilled with everything we’ve accomplished for such a great cause to support early childhood education,” said Ryan.

Actions for dogs in need

Another MGMT 101 company, Doing Deeds for Dogs in Need, works with Patriot K9 Rescue in Elysburg and William Cameron Engine Company in Lewisburg. The students provided manual labor and volunteer services to make the local first responders’ duties “effective, efficient and easily achievable.”

In addition to volunteering, the company also raised money for the two organizations it worked with. The company made money from a golf tournament held at Bucknell Golf Club $1,650 for their partnerships with local Lewisburg businesses who sponsor individual holes and donate directly to the event.

The company also organized a fundraiser for car demolitions. The event drew a crowd of nearly a hundred students, and members of the motor company demonstrated a Jaws of Life extraction from a car. The demonstration was able to show how first responders have to act and how important they are to save lives.

“I’ve had a great time at MGMT 101 so far,” said Shay Gillearn ’25, a member of Doing Deeds. “It was great to get out into the community and get real-world experiences instead of a traditional classroom lecture.”

Shay is just one of many students who play an important role in running her business.

The TAs of MGMT 101

Upon completion of the course, outstanding students have the opportunity to pursue TA and set future businesses on the path to success.

“MGMT 101 was one of the first courses I took,” said current TA Ben Sandusky ’23. “It helped me to focus my education on a pure form of management. I love my role as a TA because it’s cool to see colleagues become friends as they work together towards a common goal.”

Talking to various students who took the MGMT 101 course, it becomes clear that working towards a common goal is an issue in all companies. The combination of service and management shows students that it’s not always about making the biggest profit, but about making an impact in your communities through service and volunteerism.

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