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What do Phil Knight, Michael Bloomberg and Larry Page have in common?

The first is the founder of Nike, the second is the mind behind Bloomberg, and the second is the co-founder of Google. All three are leading business leaders – and all three have an MBA.

To advance a business career and enhance a company’s overall performance, a master’s degree in business administration is a no-brainer, and few places in Europe compare to ESMT Berlin.

Currently, the school is the only top 10 ranked European business school to offer a fully online Global Online MBA, meaning professionals from around the world can access innovative learning tools and access knowledge from leaders without leaving their living room leaving.

Triple accredited and recognized worldwide, the ESMT Berlin MBA equips modern decision-makers with everything they need to become successful leaders with the pillars of leadership, innovation and analytics.

Since its launch in 2021, the course has been globally recognized, empowering candidates to explore business opportunities around the world and preparing them to make waves there.

How is the curriculum structured?

The ESMT Global Online MBA is the only program of its kind in Europe that is themed in its course content.

By combining general management with technology, innovation and global electives, the program enables candidates to develop a solid understanding of core principles before delving deeper into issues relevant to their personal career development.

The course itself is divided into seven modules, starting with an introduction to online studies and general management. This is followed by four core modules that provide an integrated perspective on specific business problems, ranging from making smarter decisions under uncertainty to creating strategic advantage.

The electives of the module give students the opportunity to choose three or more topics, such as:

The final module is a final project that invites students to combine everything they have learned and apply it to a real business problem to demonstrate their progress over the course of their studies.

Combining an integrated approach with an online-first design, ESMT chronicles every moment of the learning journey to equip students with the skills to succeed in today’s business marketplace.

How do participants build a community?

The ESMT Global Online MBA uses cutting-edge technology to simulate an in-person experience with digital opportunities that allow students to work in teams, take notes, and learn from one another.

Students also have unlimited access to The Hub, the world’s most innovative online learning platform, designed specifically for business education, where they can connect with faculty and peers.

For current student Ayaka Nogaku, it was an unexpected joy to bond with classmates around the world.

“The Global Online MBA offers a virtual, community-focused learning experience,” says Nogaju, Deputy Head of Transformation Office at BNP Paribas Cardif in Japan.

“Lectures on The Hub are designed to encourage professors and students to communicate and interact. I feel very committed. I thought this learning experience was going to be lonely and tough – but it’s not at all. I have a sense of belonging and learning together.”

In Canada, fellow student Patrick Gall, who works as a facilitator for the Global Online MBA student research network at the University of British Columbia, agrees that community spirit is key.

“The opportunity to learn and participate alongside like-minded classmates from around the world is an incredibly rewarding experience,” he says. “It has been rewarding to be able to share and learn from others from such amazingly diverse backgrounds and I look forward to continuing the journey.”

How flexible is the online MBA?

Flexibility is at the heart of ESMT’s Global Online MBA. The program begins in January, May or September and is designed to fit around work and family commitments, with approximately 15 hours of class per week.

The course can be completed over two to five years and students have the ability to attend and drop out of modules and take breaks as needed, while having complete control over the study schedule.

Around 90 percent of the learning is self-paced, meaning students can adapt the course to suit their lifestyle and access online study materials and support if needed.

Most importantly, the flexibility of the program allows students to pick up momentum when their schedule allows and slow down when life gets in the way.

Whether you’re working full-time or juggling multiple commitments, the tools for success are ready when they are.

How do I apply?

ESMT’s Global Online MBA is designed for professionals with over three years of professional experience who are looking to expand their business knowledge around their current roles.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a good command of English.

Approval for January 2023 is now possible. Visit to start your application.

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