New program for underserved communities boosts students’ confidence in math – Sacramento Observer | Team Cansler

By Aziah Siid | word in black

(WIB) – Filing college applications, meeting financial aid deadlines, and waiting for acceptance letters – for many seniors in high school, the college admissions process can be as nerve-racking as physically walking across campus on day one.

Ideally, students, families, and guidance counselors will work together from the start of senior year to make the transition to college as seamless as possible. Now Howard University, Khan Academy and the National Education Equity Lab are working together to make this process even easier for students at 11 high schools across the United States. They join forces by offering a college algebra course for high school students.

Howard University’s partnership with Khan Academy provides a three-credit math course to historically underserved communities through the National Education Equity Lab. Since its pilot project in the spring semester of 2022, the program has grown from 79 to 200 students.

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