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As higher education and corporate training shift predominantly online, Harappa & Lightbulb.Ai emphasize the importance of Create online specific Content for better learning outcomes and Emotion Ai’s critical role in identifying these optimization insights!

Mumbai, India, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lightbulb.ai, a multimodal emotion AI platform, today released its in partnership with Harappa, a leading ed-tech player in workplace skills and enterprise learning Independently Educational Content Insights study It highlighted the importance of Emotion AI content testing’s use of unspecified feedback to glean insights from content creation for better digital learning outcomes.

About the study

The goal of the Emotion-Ai content study was to identify the strong and weak areas of different types of educational content by exposing them to a test audience and assessing their behavioral feedback captured with the Lightbulb platform’s computer vision-led Emotion AI services became.

The format of the study was to test three separate educational creatives developed with different content formats and to understand if one creative resonated more with the target audience than the others, as well as to assess the areas of high and low engagement and emotion . The study was conducted in three rounds with a statistically significant sample of respondents belonging to the identified target segment for Harappa. Each group of respondents received a different study at a given time, and the creative-tester combination was changed for subsequent rounds of testing to ensure further randomization of the study.

For the content study, three different creative formats were tested with a predefined target segment relevant to Harappa:

  • Achieving Goals Creative 1 > A creative that is approximately 95% based on a human presenter, with few infographic screens with background narration and a 30 second think time
  • Communication Basics Creative 2: A creative that uses multimodal content delivery with videos, infographics, human presenter, and multiple speakers
  • Creative 3 for creating an elevator pitch: A creative based on around 100 people, where the presenter mainly captures a close-up in the center of the stage with commentary

The study was designed to collect both implicit (behavioral responses to the creative using computer vision) and explicit feedback (post-content-announcement survey questionnaire).

Some key findings from the study

Some very interesting insights emerged from the study results regarding the composition, layout and conceptualization of educational content, some of which are as follows:

The presence of a single, identifiable human presenter throughout the video results in much greater engagement compared to just graphics, text, and other audiovisual material

Background narration, a popular content strategy, actually has a diminishing effect on engagement, while using graphics along with an on-screen narrator works better

Summarizing concepts via a spot quiz or poll immediately after dissemination ensures that important information is retained

After the study, the results were analyzed using a combination of implicit behavioral feedback as well as respondents’ explicitly stated responses, and it was found that the Elevator Pitch creative took first place, while the Drive Your Goals creative came in a close second The creative “Fundamentals of Communication” took third place. The creatives were ranked based on four parameters: viewing engagement, content likeability, understanding of concepts, and further recommendation (to other users).

While the Drive Your Goals creative had the highest viewer engagement at 89%, the Elevator Pitch creative had the highest overall scores for viewer engagement, likeability, concept understanding, and recommendation. Accordingly, the study underlies a mockup template for content creation that can henceforth be used by Harappa to ensure maximum engagement with the recorded educational content that is shared with their online learners.

Some insightful quotes on the future of Online Learning & Emotion Ai

“As more ed-tech players bring online learning opportunities to students, it’s critical for online learning companies to be truly effective Build a strong content feedback loop by recognizing cues of emotion and engagement provided by users, which are also typically provided during face-to-face interactions. This helps content creators to consistently iterate on content design principles to create truly effective educational content. We believe that harnessing the growing potential of Emotion AI is a way to monitor and improve the learning process. At Harappa, we are aware of creating content that best suits the online medium and invest heavily in research and content creation to achieve better learning outcomes and we are excited to partner with Lightbulb.Ai for this initiative. said Shreyasi SinghFounder and CEO, Harappa.

Emotion AI technology harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to seamlessly measure people’s attention spans and emotions during live or asynchronous interactions. And such real-time insights and analytics empower brands and ed-tech platforms to optimize their content for maximum learning impact and results. We were deeply inspired by Harappa’s progressive attitude and thought process and were delighted to work with them on this study,” said Ritu SrivastavaCo-founder and CEO, Lightbulb.ai.

Creating the right type of content to generate maximum engagement is essential for companies to deliver quality corporate training initiatives. Providing distributed or remote teams with digital learning initiatives presents many challenges for organizations, and the ROI of the training initiatives is an imperative. Emotion Ai is a way to comprehensively assess quality learning partners!” said Ravi Shankar, Former CHRO Mindtree & HCL, Consultant, Lightbulb.Ai

About Lightbulb.Ai

Lightbulb.ai is a multimodal emotion AI and engagement analytics platform that uses computer vision, speech transcription, and audio analytics to generate real-time emotion AI and engagement analytics for remote interactions. Lightbulb’s Emotion AI platform is VC tool-agnostic and browser-based, working both through an integration-based model using APIs and SDKs, and through a standalone web application.

With 4 patents in the pipeline and over 7.3 million faces scanned, Lightbulb’s facial recognition, emotion detection, and engagement mapping capabilities are highly accurate and compare well to industry giants. With a value-added insights application layer, Lightbulb provides real-time alerts and detailed emotion and interaction maps that incorporate visual, audio, and voice data for a holistic view of the user’s emotional state during a remote interaction. https://www.thelightbulb.ai/

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