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SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ellipsis Health, the leader in AI-generated vocal biomarker technology, and tiatros, the pioneering digital health company that helps employers, care providers and payers increase the availability of effective mental health, addiction care and wellbeing services in a more equitable way, today announced a partnership that will integrate Ellipsis Health’s vocal biomarker technology into will integrate the Tiatros behavioral health and social support platform. Specifically, Ellipsis Health’s technology on the Tiatros platform will enable providers to triage patients, review care needs between sessions, inform treatment plans and monitor outcomes.

“The co-founders of Ellipsis Health Hauptul Mondal and Michael Aratov are pioneers of artificial intelligence-based, speech-based technology that quantifies and monitors depression and anxiety symptoms,” said Kimberlie CerroneFounder and CEO, Tiatros, Inc. “We are excited to work with them to create transformative opportunities to advance the use of vocal biomarkers in mental health and to support ongoing patient assessments that allow Tiatros to adapt to the needs and adapt to individual patient preferences.”

“Tiatros’ customers – leading employers, healthcare systems, payers and government agencies – rely on their platform to deliver life-saving care, and we are confident that Ellipsis Health’s technology will transform the way patients in need are identified, monitored and provided with care be treated, improve and change dramatically triaged,” said Hauptul Mondal, Founder and CEO, Ellipsis Health. “Together, we can help improve the state of mental health care and drive meaningful, sustainable change that helps people lead better lives.”

By bringing Ellipsis Health’s technology to the Tiatros platform, payers, providers and employers can implement a mental health “digital front door” strategy that brings together the many factors that influence mental health under a single point of entry. This approach is a force multiplier, enabling care systems to dramatically increase the supply of mental health services, reduce wait times, reduce the overall cost of care, and overcome health inequalities. It offers a guided user experience that quickly adapts over time to the evolving needs of each patient, combining the human intelligence of clinical and online learning experts with proprietary artificial intelligence tools to quickly and accurately match patients with the most appropriate care providers to assign. It makes the behavior change process understandable and manageable for patients because it meets them where they are and gives them choices about how they want to live and access healthcare.

About Ellipsis Health

Ellipsis Health was founded on the belief that a person’s mental health should be the same priority as their physical health. The company saw an opportunity to bridge the dots between the two and give voice to a new standard of mental health care. By harnessing the unique power of the human voice as a biomarker of mental well-being, along with machine learning and AI, Ellipsis Health has established the only clinically validated mental health vital sign. Its technology identifies, measures and monitors the severity of stress, anxiety and depression at scale by analyzing a short voice sample to create an objective and scalable tool to support clinical decisions. Through partnerships with providers, payers, employers and digital healthcare companies, Ellipsis Health works to positively impact the quality of care, reduce time to diagnosis, increase workflow efficiencies, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. To learn more about Ellipsis Health, visit https://www.ellipsishealth.com.

About Tiatros

Tiatros is a behavioral health transformation digital platform capable of delivering lifelong preventive, acute and chronic behavioral health services from one place. The Tiatros platform brings together the many factors that influence patient behavioral health under a single point of access, providing universal access to expert-mediated, evidence-based, third-wave psychotherapies, supportive online peer communities, on-demand access to local, regional and national clinical and SDOH resources, and AI-powered triage and relief services. Tiatros offers scientifically proven psychotherapeutic interventions, mindfulness practices, psychoeducation, resilience training, and interactive exercises, tailored by clinical and technology experts to deliver personalized, engaging treatment programs. Tiatros’ community-focused approach connects patients to the social support vital to their health and well-being, using a range of easy-to-use, quick-access communication tools, while expert mediation ensures healthy, safe spaces avoiding stigma, social isolation , and loneliness.

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