Regents Project Enrollment Rises at Iowa Public Universities – Des Moines Register | Team Cansler

Iowa’s public universities are expected to see enrollment growth after a six-year decline, members of the Iowa Board of Regents heard last week.

Jason Pontius, deputy academic director of the board, reported on the projected enrollment rates for the next decade at the Regents’ meeting in Council Bluffs on Thursday.

He said estimating enrollment numbers was not easy but presented a “rough idea” of what the next few years would look like.

“We’re expected to see some growth over the next few years, starting around 2025, when that subscription cliff you’ve heard so much about hits hits,” Pontius said. “That’s not a big factor in Iowa.”

While Iowa and Minnesota aren’t expected to see a drop in high school graduate enrollment, Pontius said Wisconsin and Illinois are projected to have lower high school graduation rates.

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