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NASHVILLE, TEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Integrity Solutions, the long-time leader in sales performance, training and coaching, continues to add to a long list of industry accolades by being included in Selling Power’s 2022 list of the top 20 virtual sales training companies.

“Our success with virtual solutions continues to be inspired and supported by input and collaboration from our customers,” said Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions. “Customers have noticed from the start that our approach is the most intuitive, user-friendly, engaging and advanced virtual training they have ever experienced. Your feedback has been critical to the recent improvements we’ve made to our virtual sales training platforms, including updated content, branding and videos, as well as new features for social interaction and best practice sharing. It has been so effective that all of our train-the-trainer certifications now include revamped virtual course facilitation training.”

Integrity Solutions virtual sales training programs are purpose-built for today’s salesperson to maximize engagement, engagement, relevance and ensure greater retention. Some of the hallmarks of this training are shorter sessions, breakout rooms for small groups, and frequent collaboration between learners.

The company’s online learning platform, developed in partnership with Intrepid Learning, is groundbreaking in its ability to engage, track and advance (self-directed) learners and help them retain and implement what they learn. Live learning sessions, conducted via Zoom, are concise and interactive to maximize engagement, and are led by master presenters who “sit at the table” with participants rather than at the front of the room. Sessions are scheduled over time to allow for the application and practical implementation of concepts in between. When the participants come together again, they share their insights with colleagues. The tiered learning approach, also a hallmark of Integrity Solutions’ traditional training programs, contributes to lasting behavior change and includes follow-ups and the use of reinforcement tools.

“Over the past year, Integrity Solutions has developed five new blended training programs, including several that use the Integrity Digital Platform to address specific customer needs related to incorporating data into sales presentations, dealing with supply chain challenges, communicating price increases, and… adjusting sales to respond mindsets during economic uncertainty,” says Esterday. “Additionally, modified and redesigned hiring programs help clients who are struggling with early turnover. We’ve also improved navigation on the digital training platforms to make it easier for learners to track progress in the system, and customers have praised our improved customer reporting processes, including the improved ability to download usage and assessment reports.”

Customers have reported tangible impact of Integrity Solutions’ approach. One client, a global Fortune 500 chemical company, not only significantly increased their sales (between 112-140% per sales region) and market share, but also transformed their entire sales culture. These results were achieved in part through sustainability activities including micro-learning, meeting discussion drafts and other resources for all sellers and executives through the Integrity Selling® Elevate digital platform. This was combined with custom video-based programs targeting specific goals in tackling tough supply chain challenges and integrating data to drive better customer outcomes.

According to Selling Power, the most important criteria when comparing the applicants and selecting the companies to be included in this year’s list were:

  • Strategies to keep participants engaged

  • The scope and breadth of virtual sales training offerings

  • Methods to support participant retention

  • Innovation in offer and/or delivery in response to customer needs or market changes

  • Level of customer satisfaction and overall customer feedback

The Selling Power editors recommend that CROs, sales VPs, and sales enablement leaders use this list to find the right sales training partner to provide world-class virtual sales training.

Learn more about Integrity Solutions’ offering of blended learning sales training and coaching programs: And check out Selling Power’s list of Top Virtual Sales Training Companies in 2022:

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