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New international study by FOSI examines the complex landscape of old-age security

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The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) released a new report today, Making old-age provision sensible: Enabling safer online experiencesexamining parental and child awareness and attitudes towards old age security in the United States, United Kingdom and France.

Age protection ensures that users who do not meet the minimum age do not have access to online platforms or have to stay in age-appropriate environments. This new report found that old-age provision methods are being taken up with mixed perceptions, with respondents showing openness to future solutions but also emphasizing the need for education and transparency in implementation. Key findings from the report include parent and child awareness levels, views on the use of biometrics, and cultural differences in parenting styles.

“Pension assurance has long been a challenging area for the technology industry, as certain methods may also require the collection of additional user data,” said Stephen Balkam, CEO of FOSI. “This year’s report shows a clear opportunity to improve the way people save for their retirement, which must start with helping people understand them. That means creating clarity about the purpose of pension schemes, how the process works and how they benefit from it.”

“At Google, we’re committed to creating age-appropriate experiences to help children and young people use technology in a safer and more privacy-friendly environment,” said Markham Erickson, vice president, government affairs & public policy, Google. “This study underscores the complexities involved in determining the age of users and the importance of including the perspectives of both parents and their children in the discussion. We are proud to partner with FOSI on this important work and will continue to collaborate on how we can help children and young people take advantage of the benefits that technology has to offer when it comes to learning, connecting stay and have fun.”

parents and responsibility

  • Despite growing concerns about younger children accessing platforms when they are underage, this study found that most parents (53% in the US, 57% in the UK and 49% in France) are willing to make an exception or allow their child to do so allow an alter to be circumvented, although they then often require direct account monitoring or discussions about the safe use of an app.

  • While a majority of parents (74% in the US, 80% in the UK, and 73% in France) see themselves as the primary responsible for ensuring their children engage with age-appropriate content, more than half of parents in each country surveyed agree agreed that industry and government should do more to protect children.

future solutions

Despite hypotheses that the use of biometric components could raise privacy concerns, this report found that respondents are open to pension schemes that incorporate them.

  • Over two-thirds of parents and children in the US and UK, and about half in France, say they are open to retirement planning methods with a biometric component. Almost two-thirds of parents in all three countries agree that biometrics are an effective age assessment tool.

  • If offered, parents report that their best method of setting parental controls for apps and services would be on a per-account basis at the time they are downloaded from an app store.

country differences

The report also notes that different social and cultural factors influence parenting styles and parent-child relationships in each country.

  • US parents reported the most time they spent monitoring their children’s online usage at 11.8 hours per week, compared to 7.6 hours per week for UK parents and 3.5 hours for French parents per week.

  • French parents are also the least likely to use tech tools like surveillance software or apps to monitor their children’s online activities. 87% of parents in the US and 82% of parents in the UK have used such tools, compared to 65% in France.

This study was supported by Googleand performed by Kantar. Topline results to be presented at FOSI Annual Conference 2022, Trust and Security: Online safety in an uncertain world.

Each year, FOSI hosts the leading online safety event, bringing together leaders from industry, government, academia and the non-profit sector. This year’s agenda includes topics such as content moderation, privacy policies, security in the metaverse, digital wellbeing, and more. The conference will feature remarks from FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya, as well as the launch of the Global Online Safety Regulators Network, a new initiative designed to promote a collaborative approach to legislation worldwide.

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The Family Online Safety Institute is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to making the online world safer for children and their families. FOSI brings together leaders from the industry, government and non-profit sectors to collaborate and develop new online safety solutions and policies. Through research, resources, events and special projects, FOSI promotes a culture of responsibility online and promotes a sense of digital citizenship for all. FOSI’s membership includes many of the leading internet and telecommunications companies around the world.

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