Welcome Changes to CPS Gifted Program, But More Needs to Be Done – Columbia Missourian | Team Cansler

Talent development is a valuable opportunity that, unfortunately, has often been limited to those of racial and economic privilege. In Columbia Public Schools (CPS), the gifted education program is known as Extended Educational Experiences (EEE). CPS’s EEE has historically served primarily white and Asian middle-class or affluent students.

Although the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) claims that giftedness occurs across all racial and socioeconomic groups, as recently as 2020 only 11% of EEE students in Colombia were eligible for a free and discounted lunch, compared to 44% overall District only 2.5% were identified as Black compared to 20% in the entire district. For a city like Columbia, these EEE statistics signaled that more work was needed to make the program more equitable for gifted students.

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