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Meet Claudia Swartzberg, co-founder and CEO of online school CambriLearn. Claudia’s way to school didn’t exactly start perfectly. When Claudia was in preschool, her teachers didn’t want to put her in 1st grade because she couldn’t cut straight. Coming from a family of rocket scientists and high-profile academics, this was hard for her parents to process.

Despite the advice of her teachers, her parents decided to send her to the first grade. She struggled in elementary school and she started to get anxious and didn’t want to go to school.

Many parents struggle to motivate their children to wake up and go to school. This aversion to children is often dismissed, and parents may not consider that there could be an alternative educational solution for their child, one that takes advantage of their unique learning needs and abilities and, most importantly, motivates them to do so want to study.

From below average to CEO

Claudia’s father recognized his daughter’s difficulties and began spending his evenings guiding her through her coursework and creating practice material in a way that was relevant to her. He understood her preferred learning style and how she best absorbed information and began tailoring her teaching to her individual learning needs.

Soon her grades began to improve and her drive and passion to achieve increased as she developed more confidence and determination. Claudia finished her A-levels at the top of her class and went on to study insurance mathematics with a specialization in data science.

A personalized learning solution

In a typical classroom setting with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:25, a teacher is unable to tailor each lesson to each individual child. Most teachers introduce coursework to the average student. This approach can leave many children feeling left behind as they struggle to keep up with coursework. It can also leave learners feeling bored and disinterested as they quickly grasp the lesson and are frustrated by the pace.

For this reason, Claudia founded the CambriLearn intelligent learning system. The flexible, interactive online training platform allows a tutor or parent to teach individuals, not classes.

The benefit of choosing an online curriculum is the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace and customize your child’s learning schedule to suit their unique circumstances. Students can set the pace of their learning, which means they can speed up or slow down depending on what they’re doing.

CambriLearn breaks away from static, content-driven lessons toward a culture of interaction, discovery and mastery. Students tend to feel less judgment and peer pressure in a virtual classroom environment. This helps build their confidence and self-regulation, which are some of the most important skills to ensure future success.

Sustainable training

For centuries, a child’s intelligence has been measured by academic test scores. The better the child performs in the test, the more competent it is judged to be. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account problem-solving skills, creativity, motivation, cognition or social intelligence.

If a child gets good grades, it is no guarantee that they will be successful. In his book moodsHoward Garner challenges the notion that academic intelligence is a single yardstick by which to measure a person’s abilities and chances of success.

Every child is different, with unique learning needs and personalities. Saying that one type of intelligence is more important than another is like saying that learning math is more important than learning languages. While every subject is important in school, what matters most is that a child lays an educational foundation that will serve them throughout their adult life.

Studies have shown that only 25% of your success is determined by IQ, while 75% of your success is determined by your perception, optimism, social support, and your ability to view stress as a challenge rather than a threat.

social interaction

The biggest concern of parents who want to enroll in an online school is the fear of less social interaction. There are many ways that homeschooled children can socialize. From participating in community sports like soccer or cricket to more personal activities like homeschooling meetups and play dates.

Homeschooling families treat socialization as a priority and they consciously pursue and participate in tailored activities. This approach means that children can socialize with other children of different ages who have common interests.

Optimal learning zone

On a typical school day in a traditional school, students spend only 55% of their day on actual academic instruction. The rest of the time they spend in gatherings, taking breaks, going to class, and so on. CambriLearn offers more effective and efficient planning. Designed to spend less time at a desk, children have more time and energy to participate in social activities in a natural and positive way.

For this reason, many academically gifted children, like Christopher Oosthuizen, choose online education over a traditional school environment. To compete professionally in sports or excel in academics, learners need the flexibility to adapt their education to their individual schedules, circumstances, and abilities.

As the saying goes, if a flower doesn’t bloom, we don’t change the flower, we change the environment to make the flower bloom.

As someone fortunate enough to have parents who understood the importance of personalized learning and put it into practice, Claudia Swartzberg has made it her life’s work to make a strong and positive impact on the youth of through a proactive and personalized approach practice today for education.

PS She still can’t cut straight.

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