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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s the first snowfall forecast for the Kansas City subway this season.

Most children now want to know if school is going on or if they will have a snowy day on Tuesday.

The answer for many metro districts is likely no, but it all depends on what the storm does overnight.

At this point, school districts plan to make the call and you can expect cancellations, if they occur, on FOX4KC and online at FOX4KC.com.



Blue Valley says it builds snow days into its schedule every year.

Whenever possible, announcements of school cancellations will be made the day before to allow families to plan. But there are storms like the one hitting the subway Monday night that aren’t expected to cause a major headache.

If school isn’t canceled the day before, the district says the superintendent will make a final decision on whether school is by 6 a.m

The district can either close all Blue Valley schools for the day or delay the start of school by two hours.

Learn more about how the district makes the decision on the Blue Valley website.


As of Monday afternoon there are no alerts affecting the school, either Monday or Tuesday, but that is subject to change at any time.

If the Desoto district has a change of plan due to inclement weather, a text message will be sent to families via the district’s SchulNEWS alert system.

The district will also post the notice on its website and social media.

You will also see the closure right here on FOX4.


The Gardner Edgerton School District will provide a decision as soon as possible when the class cancellation call is made.

The district says the information will be available on FOX4KC and FOX4KC.com, as well as on the district website, Facebook page and Twitter.

It is the district’s plan to place the call prior to 6 a.m. regarding closures or delays due to inclement weather


The Kansas City, Kansas school district says it is on alert and monitoring the storm as it moves into the subway.

The decision as to whether school will go ahead will depend on the timing of the storm, road conditions and the amount of snow.


Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with the district when winter weather is forecast.

The district said school cancellations will be available via a Blackboard notification text or email to parents and staff.

Cancellations will also be broadcast on FOX4 KC and other news and radio stations, posted on the district website, and posted on the district Facebook page. The information is also tweeted.

Remember that the district only posts when school is out. It will not be posted if school progresses as planned.


Shawnee Mission won’t know how the snow will affect their schedule until sometime overnight.

The district expects a decision in the early hours of the morning, hopefully by 5:30 a.m

In the event that the school is called, the district has three different plans, which you can find on the Shawnee Mission School District website. Plan B, which is the most likely to be implemented, is not expected early Tuesday morning.



If it snows more than expected, the Blue Springs school district could decide to postpone or cancel the school, according to the district’s handbook.

The district says the decision is usually made before 6:30 a.m

Once a decision is made, it will be available on TV and FOX4KC.com. There will be an automated phone call via ParentLink that will be posted on the district’s website and Twitter account.


The Center School District plans to wait until early Tuesday morning before making a decision about the school’s cancellation.

The district said the decision would be communicated to families around 5:30 a.m

The district’s first three snow days this winter will be real snow days with no classes or virtual classes.


In inclement weather, the Fort Osage School District Administration may decide to cancel school or end classes early. The decision to drop out of school is made before 6 a.m. if possible.

If weather forces the school to close, information will be posted on the district’s website and emailed to parents via phone, text message and email.

Announcements will be made through the district mobile app, social media, local TV and radio stations.


The Independence School District is monitoring the storm Monday night and will be in touch with families as soon as possible if a schedule change is needed.


Kansas City Public Schools are planning for the possibility of bad weather days throughout the upcoming winter season.

If snow or ice is in the forecast, the district said it will communicate with families via email, text and social media when making the decision to cancel classes or transition to an alternative teaching method for the day.

The district said it has the option of canceling classes or holding the school virtually if the weather is bad this year.


Timing will be critical for the North Kansas City school district.

If the forecast is like the current one, the district superintendent and other administrators usually run bus routes around 4 a.m. to check road conditions, the district said. They also take into account temperatures and the forecast during the day.

For storms with much more ice or snow forecast, the district said the call can come much sooner.

In each case, the North Kansas City School District said it is trying to make the decision as early as possible to give parents notice as early as possible.

The first three snow days for the district are traditional snow days. The district says it will transition to virtual classes starting on the fourth snowy day of the school year.


Lee’s Summit students have school on Tuesday.

According to the district’s website, the district’s first five days of bad weather will be virtual study days, even if it decides to cancel school.

If the schedule changes on Tuesday, the district will announce it via School Messenger, the district’s social media channels, and on FOX4 and FOX4KC.com between 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m


Park Hill students are either in school on Tuesday or transition to a virtual study day, depending on how much snow falls overnight in Northland.

The district said its first five inclement weather days of the year will be virtual study days.

Park Hill says it’s trying to notify families by 5:30 a.m. of student cancellations or late starts

A message will be posted on the district’s website, families will be texted or emailed, and it will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on TV.


There are no more traditional snow days for students in the Raymore-Peculiar School District.

The district said it made the decision to hold virtual classes when the weather is too inclement to hold classes in person.

Ray-Pec says it’s trying to make a decision the night before. If that is not possible, it tries to notify the parents by 5:30 am

If you do not receive a message or email, it is also available through the district information number at 816-892-3988, the district website, Facebook page and Twitter.

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