We cannot allow our training to be automated – desert sun | Team Cansler

As a high school student, it saddens and worries me to see the increasing reliance on technology as a substitute for direct instruction in our schools.

Classrooms across the country have more access than ever to online self-paced programs, custom devices, and teacher education packages. It seems that the newfound use of technology to support teaching after distance learning is positive.

However, our access to technology does not support the learning process, but rather replaces the magic of connection between teachers and students and lively discussions in the classroom.

According to EdWeek, as of May 2020, at least 59 percent of US schools have a computer for each student, and according to Gallup, 65 percent of teachers use technology to teach every day.

However, in a 2020 Gallup poll, just 27 percent of teachers felt “a lot of information is available” about the effectiveness of the tens of thousands of education technology apps they now have access to, and yet these apps have a larger presence in the classroom, especially after distance learning.

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