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Graduating from college has always been my priority. The timing was the hard part. My kids are college graduates and I wanted the same for myself. When I was finally able to go back to school a few years ago, I chose Johnson C. Smith University’s Metropolitan College, an undergraduate program for adult and non-traditional students. From 2016 to 2020 I worked full-time in commercial property management, had a part-time job in retail and went to school in the evenings. Then one day a position as an Operations Administrative Assistant at AM King caught my eye and I began a journey that has expanded my perception of what education is all about.

The company’s name, AM King, sounded vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember why until I saw Brian King’s name. We had worked for the same construction management company years before, and as I researched further I noticed a few other AM King employees I had met. After graduating, I wanted to pursue a career that would align well with my goals. I got the job at AM King, which not only offered me stability and opportunities for growth, but also the support I needed to successfully complete the requirements for my college degree – which I planned to complete the following year.

A multidimensional experience

After joining AM King in 2021, I found that the company’s management fully supports all efforts to continuously train and develop the employees. The company collects and tracks hours earned for individual training and community engagement. That impressed me. Although I don’t work on a construction site, I became more interested in our projects and studied cold storage, distribution and the food industry on our many platforms – company meetings, company newsletters, podcasts, blogs, videos, training calls, magazines and so much more. The company and its culture have aroused an interest that I did not know before.

When I think about education now, I realize that there is so much beauty and complexity in the word “education”. In the obvious sense, it is about schooling. In a broader sense, it’s about expanding your mind and heart. AM King supports this multidimensional aspect of education in two ways: (1) by funding and providing ongoing training and development opportunities for its employees; (2) and by supporting educational initiatives in our communities.

In my role, I organize and coordinate ongoing internal training programs, including all safety and OSHA training. I also enjoy representing the company in several community partnerships, such as Such as the one that AM King established with Charlotte’s Starmount Academy of Excellence — a public school from elementary through fifth grade, Title 1, where nearly all 420 students participate in free or discounted lunch programs.

After all, it’s so important to build strong relationships with the universities we’ve attended. Our experts regularly take part in university career fairs; Offer internships for architecture, construction management and marketing students; Contribute to campus fundraising events, serve on advisory boards, sponsor college sporting events; prepare projects for student competitions; and give lectures.

The circle closes

Last August, I gave a presentation on education to the Women Executives (WE) at Charlotte’s. 2022-2023 WINGS Scholarship Holders. I wanted to pass the torch on to the next group of scholars who might be on a journey similar to mine. I told them it’s not just about hitting goals or graduating – although I’m so proud of my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in May 2022. What matters is how we use our profits to make a difference in the lives of others, in our communities and in the businesses where we work. I do my part through continued involvement with WE, volunteering with several organizations and with the help of my colleagues at AM King.

AM King’s goal is to be known as a leading integrated design-build company serving the niche markets of food processing, food distribution and industrial manufacturing. We also want to consistently train our employees, create a safe work environment, and leave a lasting impression of our generosity in our community. I am now part of a diverse, collective team that will contribute to the success of this company. I will share my experience, time and energy with those who may benefit. This closes the circle of education.

About the author – Cheryl Moore is Operations Administrative Assistant at AM King.

This article is an abridged version of an AM King blog published on the company’s website on September 7, 2022. Reprinted and modified with permission. To read Cheryl’s full article and/or subscribe to AM King’s monthly blogs, visit

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