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The Duke’s Mayo Bowl hit the scene in 2020, but it wasn’t until last year that real magic happened. That’s when the Bowl first introduced the “mayo dump,” which took the traditional Gatorade bath to incredible new levels.

Now a nationwide search with Duke promising to allow fan mayo dumpers for 2022. The process of selecting Duke’s mayonnaise for mayo fans has been a real personal minefield for me. On the one hand, I want everyone to live their mayo-based dreams — but I want to selfishly hide information about the process, like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter, because I really want to be one of the dumps.

However, after a weekend of reflection and a later crisis of confidence, I decided that this is a cruel approach to contemplate. Mayo is for everyone, and the ability to throw away the mayo should be for everyone. Who am I to try and influence this process? I have faith that whoever is chosen will do a great job, and I have to put my faith in the mayo connoisseurs at Duke’s. So, while everyone’s wondering about the rubric required to dump mayo, I went straight to the sources (sauces?) at Duke’s for the hard-hitting answers on what’s in a mayo tipper in the Mayo Bowl of the duke want.

How Will Fans Have the Opportunity to Become the Duke’s Mayo Tipper?

To apply for this very important role, fans are asked to show (or tell) us in a social media post why they should be this year’s Mayo Dumper, using the hashtag #mayodump and Duke’s Mayo and Mark Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

What kind of skills are you looking for? Is there a specific weight I should train for, I mean fans should train for?

We can’t share the full list of criteria, but the mayo tippers must be able to lift and tip a large mayo cooler over a person’s head without hitting them. For reference, each gallon of mayonnaise weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. So that’s at least 30 pounds of mayonnaise + the weight and bulk of the cooler itself.

Let’s say someone is a husky sportswriter with a deep appreciation for mayonnaise. For example, would you be someone who could be a good dumper at Duke’s Mayo Bowl?

James, your application is currently being reviewed. Let’s just say it’s strong, but it gets a lot of strong applications. If selected, you will be contacted the week of November 28th.

What’s your message for the Mayo hopefuls out there who want to be seen as dumpers?

Just have fun! Show us you can toss a jar of mayo over a coach’s head without injury, and share your fandom stories for both Duke’s mayo and college football.

Outside of the bowl game, is there anything new or exciting in the world of Duke’s Mayonnaise that I should prepare my palette for?

Be sure to follow us on IG @dukes_mayonnaise and sign up for our twang talk! Newsletter at dukesmayo.com. We are constantly releasing new merch, products and recipes. Also in the new year, we’ll be introducing a sports celebrity activation and a new line of seafood sauces.

Would you like me to include my credentials to campaign to become a Mayo dumper?

Of course. Our selection committee takes this job very seriously and creativity is definitely rewarded.

So we know why mayonnaise needs to be thrown on a bus – but why are you looking for fan dumpers?

  • To create memorable and differentiating experiences for our loyal fans.
  • The Duke’s Mayo Bowl is considered to be the most fan-friendly bowl game and that’s why it makes sense to reach out to the fans for this great moment.

How did the idea for the fan search come about?

Last year’s Mayo dump with USC head coach Shane Beamer was definitely a highlight of the game. The fans and players went wild. Coach Beamer was a good sport — even when we bumped him in the head with the cooler that contained 4.5 gallons of mayo (Ooops/Ouch). We thought that this year we should make sure we have the right dumpers in place to avoid a similar situation.

How are the dumpers selected?

We Will Select Two Fans We have set up a small selection committee from both Duke’s & Charlotte Sports Foundation teams to review each qualified applicant. While we cannot share the full list of criteria, we can inform you that the mayo tippers must inherently be able to lift/unload a large mayo cooler. We’ll also be looking for those who can show their fandom – for both college football and Duke’s Mayo.

Mayo Dumpers will be announced on Mayo Dump Monday (Monday, December 5 – the day after Selection Sunday).

How do fans apply?

Show (or tell us) why you’d be the best mayo dumper on social media. To put your name in the running:

  1. Use the hashtag #MayoDump in a post
  2. Do you have a public account
  3. Publish your post here on social media by November 2nd at 11:59pm EST
  4. Must be available to attend Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, NC
  5. Tag @dukes_mayonnaise and @dukesmayobowl

Okay, I have a good idea of ​​the selection process – but I have to ask: why a mayo dump at all?

let’s be honest We’ve been having fun since the official announcement that Duke’s Mayo is getting its own college bowl game – the Duke’s Mayo Bowl (or as some like to say, “a bowl of Duke’s Mayo”). We want to add a Duke touch to college football’s most famous and anticipated traditions – like the victorious coachdump.

Fans look forward to these unconventional celebratory dips (Cheez-Its, smoothies, etc.), but we really have a feeling fans around the world get the happiest time when the victorious Duke’s Mayo Bowl carriage is covered in mayonnaise . And it’s for a good cause!

It’s for a good cause?

As part of agreeing to be doused in mayonnaise, Duke’s Mayo will donate $10,000 to a charity of the winning coach’s choice

It’s gonna be an annual thing, right? Mayo Dumps Forever!

Let’s see how things go this year.

Where can people find more information?

Instagram @dukes_mayonnaise

Twitter @dukesmayobowl

Anything else fans should know?

Mayo Dumpers will each receive (2) tickets to the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, NC (12/30 noon)

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