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GREENVILLE, NC, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — East Carolina University and MrBeast announce an exclusive partnership aimed at developing a skills program to meet the creator industry’s growing demand for a skilled workforce.

Estimated by Fast Company at $104 billion The content creation industry is annually recognized as the emerging leader of the global economy. MrBeast’s brand alone is the largest on the YouTube platform with five channels, 111 million subscribers on the main channel alone and 20 billion total views. The brand also owns MrBeast Burger, Feastables, and a 501(c)(3) charity (Beast Philanthropy). This program doesn’t focus on finding the next YouTube star, but instead provides training and qualifications for employees working for content-producing companies.

The creator industry includes more than 50 million amateurs and 2 million professionals, with more than 1 million making a living on YouTube alone. The need for highly qualified personnel drives the creation of this program. The microcredential courses are delivered entirely online and prepare participants for entry-level positions in cinematography, editing, analytics and other required skills in the authoring industry. The program does not require applicants to be currently enrolled as traditional four-year students at ECU and is expected to launch in six to 12 months.

“ECU has always sought to support our key partners in innovative ways, and this new learner-centric strategy aims to meet the educational needs of the creative economy at a critical moment in the development of this growing industry,” said ECU Chancellor Philip Rogers said.

The creator industry is evolving rapidly. With growth, the need for professionalized workers is also growing. Finding employees with the right combination of perseverance, suitability and specialist knowledge is a challenge. The risk of hiring someone with limited capacity in any of these areas reduces operational efficiency and ultimately business success.

“This program is focused on addressing those challenges head-on,” Rogers said. “In this program, industry insiders work directly with academic experts to combine cutting-edge techniques with a university’s knowledge generation engine.”

ECU is a nationally recognized leader for its innovation, educational leadership and strong ability to deliver courses online. The university and the authoring industry will work together to create a curriculum that responds to the needs of the workforce and meets rigorous academic standards.

According to ECU Provost Robin Coger, “The aim of this program is to develop a well-prepared workforce for immediate employment throughout the creative economy worldwide. Our partner, MrBeast, is a leader in this rapidly growing industry. The collaboration is innovative because it brings together the expertise of ECU faculty and industry leaders to develop new, flexible and responsive strategies to support a fast-moving global economic engine.”

A native of Greenville, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has earned the number one spot on the Forbes Top Creators 2022 list. When he was 13, Donaldson began making and posting videos. From this, a creative company with headquarters in has developed Greenville, which today employs 125 full-time employees plus around 125 temporary workers. MrBeast has built its brand on four pillars: spectacle, philanthropy, community service and genuine comedy with family-friendly content.

The idea for the program came about when Donaldson and members of his team spoke with Rogers and the ECU team. For large content creators like his company, Donaldson explained, it’s difficult to find and retain skilled talent who is able to join a team and has the knowledge and skills needed for their specific style of filming, editing and strategy are required.

“I really hope this is as beneficial to you as it is to many creatives like us. I see that this will completely change the industry. I’m thrilled!” said Donaldson.

For ECU, this partnership continues a tradition of working with local businesses and community members to meet a defined need. A true public-private partnership, the curriculum is co-developed and delivered by university academics and industry leaders, including experts from MrBeast. This ensures that students learn the most relevant skills, up-to-date techniques and insider knowledge to ensure they are ready – by the end of the program – to be fully employed by an author company.

The program will be part of ECU’s Research, Economic Development and Engagement Strategies led by Dr. Sharon Paynterwho said: “This innovative program expands what ECU has to offer to meet the demands of today’s adult learners.

Program updates will be available at

About ECUs: East Carolina University offers more than 87 bachelor’s, 68 master’s and 18 doctoral courses for 28,000 students Greenville, North Carolina, campus and through an acclaimed online learning program. The university’s medical school consistently ranks first North Carolina — and in the top 10% nationally — for graduate physicians practicing in the state, primary care, and rural and underserved areas. The ECU has the highest number of business school enrollments and the largest number of new nurses and educators produced in a four-year year North Carolina University, in addition to the largest studio arts program in the country. The university has a globally recognized academic program in underwater archeology and maintains a supportive relationship with the US military service. Nearby Atlantic Coastal ports where pirates once roamed, ECU adopted the “Pirates” mascot for its track and field program in 1934 and competes in NCAA Division 1.

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