She Said Movie Review: Behind Harvey Weinstein’s Takedown and #metoo – The Arizona Republic | Team Cansler

I’m naturally inclined to like films in which reporters are the heroes.

Of course I liked All the President’s Men and Spotlight, two films based on real events and, just as important, the reporters who wrote the stories about them. They don’t shy away from the grunt work of reporting—knocking on doors and making unannounced calls to try and get facts. They make the everyday exciting.

She Said follows in that direction, a film that tells not just about the story – in this case producer Harvey Weinstein’s monstrously predatory behavior – but about it to get the history. It’s not as good as the above movies, but it’s pretty good.

and perhaps only a journalist will want to cheer when a reluctant source finally decides to go on the record. But “She Said” does a better job than either of the other two films at depicting the drudgery and psychological cost of banging your head against the wall for months to get a story.

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