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FAMU student Tamerah Williams. Photo courtesy of Williams

When passion meets purpose, anything is possible. Tamerah Williams, a junior elementary school teacher from West Palm Beach, knew from a young age that teaching and encouraging future generations was her “why.”

Williams works tirelessly to be the person she wishes would grow up to be for others. She recognizes that her young age offers her a unique perspective and wants to make the best possible impact on students. She credits her faith with her ability to persevere.

“Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a teacher. After working with students my senior year, I’ve learned that I’m meant to be, and every day I get confirmation that this is something for me. Even though I’m not much older than them, I want them to know that I’m there for them and can get them where they want to be,” Williams said. “I’ve often had concerns that teachers don’t earn enough money. However, if you are asked to do something, I have learned that God will always provide.”

After affirming her purpose in life, Williams was determined to put it into action. She was immediately inspired to start an organization she called Teach Beyond Wonders.

“Teach Beyond Wonders is my platform to connect, work with, and give back to students. I would like to help with résumé writing, writing an essay, helping with job applications and learning how to be a leader. Leadership and service are very important to me,” Williams said. “I want to encourage them to serve others and get involved on campus, not because they have to, but because they want to.”

Over the summer, Williams hosted a school supplies drive and sponsored low-income students at Florida A&M University Developmental Research School. By raising supplies and making monetary donations, Teach Beyond Wonders gave 25 students the essentials to start the new year.

“I’ve been able to fill and donate backpacks with anything from folders, binders, pencils, crayons, index cards, anything you can think of,” Williams said. “I wanted to make sure every student had exactly what they needed for the school year. I provided each backpack for different grade levels and raised enough money to give 6 teachers baskets of items they may need like expo markers and disinfectant wipes.”

Outside of Teach Beyond Wonders, Williams is committed to being a quality student and servant leader. In addition to maintaining a high point average, Williams is an active member of various organizations on campus, such as Jewels Incorporated and Phi Delta Kappa. She also serves as Presidential Ambassador, Access Summer Bridge peer mentor, and teaching assistant.

Taylor Parker, a first-year biology student, attended the ASB program and was selected as a Williams mentee.

“Tamerah influenced me a lot. When I’m around her, I see that she is very purposeful, everything she wants, she gets by any means necessary. She’s a great example and a person I look up to,” Parker said. “What she chooses to do shows that not only is she there to teach and guide me, but she also holds me accountable and is honest.”

Aside from helping students with their campus jobs, Williams looks forward to returning home for the holidays and gathering a group of high school seniors to help them apply to college. These efforts go hand-in-hand with William’s ultimate career goal of becoming an education consultant.

“I want to help students discover colleges, not just FAMU, but any school. Even though it’s late, I want to be the one to assure them that they can still apply and attend,” Williams said. “I can’t wait to help them with their further education.”

Despite her busy schedule, Williams remains motivated and fully committed to everything she does and strives for.

“I have the busiest schedule between school, my job, my students and clubs, but seeing the result of my hard work is my biggest motivation to keep going,” Williams said. “I try to remember that small things lead to bigger ones, my own growth has been my biggest motivation.”

Williams’ ability to juggle her busy schedule and still stay on top of things is what Ashli ​​Price, a fourth-year elementary school teacher from Tallahassee, admires most about her friend.

“Tamerah is Ms. Get It Done, I don’t know anyone who is as busy and always makes it like her. She’s hardworking, fun and driven,” Price said. “Her passion and fire are so clear that we often talk about what she wants to do. She is so genuine in everything she does that she focuses on being practical and helping others first.”

Williams has big plans to officially reboot and launch Teach Beyond Wonders this January and encourages others to follow her Instagram page @teachbeyondwonders for updates.

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