Wednesday in Weston: Dewey’s Bowersock Store offers history lessons – Examiner Enterprise | Team Cansler

Editor’s Note: In partnership with the Bartlesville Area History Museum, the Examiner-Enterprise has revived the late Edgar Weston’s “Revisiting the Past” columns that ran in the newspaper from 1997-99. Weston’s columns tell the history of Bartlesville, as well as Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties.

In early January 1968, Mr. OA Patridge and Glenn Schober came to me to remodel the Bowersock Store across the street south of the Dewey Hotel and convert it into the Tom Mix Museum. It was winter and my farming was limited during that time of year, so I agreed to take the job.

The Bowersock Store had been built a few years earlier and operated for several years. Supermarkets became competitors, forcing small shops to close or expand. Bowersocks closed and moved to a much larger store in Dewey.

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