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Editor’s note: Over the next few months, the Courier & Press will occasionally publish question-and-answer articles with our staff to help you meet the people behind the writers. We start with Anthony Kristensen, who joined Courier & Press earlier this year and oversees the University of Evansville and high school athletics.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how did you get to Evansville?

I’m from St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb about 20 minutes outside of St. Louis, or what I like to call “God’s favorite city.” As people who know me can attest, when I’m not reporting for a St. Louis-based team, I’m the greatest St. Louis Homer to walk the earth.

I am the second oldest of seven children – my siblings are Kyleigh, Mia, Julia, Landon, Kolbe and Gemma. People are often surprised when they find out how big my family is, but there we have it. Pretty much everyone but Kolbe plays or has played soccer. Shoutout to my mom and dad for raising a huge group of kids. I said a long time ago that I would never have anywhere near that many kids and they made it work. Well done.

Anthony Kristensen and his dog Dalot.

I have a dog named Dalot (pronounced dal-oh) who lives with me. I do pretty much everything with him. He’s a large, 82-pound black Lab who still thinks of himself as a lap dog and is the friendliest good boy you’ll ever meet.

I clearly remember applying for this job. I’ve applied to pretty much everything under the sun, and I was sad as I scrolled through LinkedIn because I was one of three finalists for a major internship that went to a kid who already lived in the city, in who it was.

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