SDEA: Local Teachers Hold ‘Walk-in’ Against Proposed Social Studies Standards – Argus Leader | Team Cansler

Dozens of teachers in Harrisburg, Tea and Sioux Falls stood before the bells rang outside their school buildings on a cold Wednesday morning, holding signs with messages like “Where’s the history of South Dakota?” and “Age-appropriate learning for our students.”

The educators’ action drew attention to the next public hearing on South Dakota’s proposed standards for social studies, scheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

It was not a “walk-out” but a “walk-in” when the educators gathered to draw attention to the issue and then entered the school building together as a sign of solidarity.

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Tamra Huffman, an eighth-grade American history teacher at North Middle School in Harrisburg, said what’s being proposed now is unlike any proposed social studies standards she’s seen in her 23 years of teaching.

“This time, the voices of the teachers were excluded,” Huffman said, referring to the composition of the 15-person working group that drafted this year’s standards, of which only three people were certified to teach in the South Dakota group.

The idea for the walk-in came from local educators and the South Dakota Education Association, the state’s largest organization for education professionals, representing more than 6,000 educators. From the outset, SDEA has openly opposed the standards and shared concerns about whether the potential changes are age-appropriate.

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