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Before I get trolled, let me first say that there is NO WAY I wish another lockdown or a deadly wave of COVID on anyone.

Many families have been devastated by the virus, small businesses have suffered and loved ones have been separated for far too long after COVID-19 landed on our shores in 2020. It was a terrible time.

But as more talk of a fourth wave creeps into our daily conversations and news updates, I can’t help but get a little excited at the idea of ​​being “locked up” again. As terrifying and confusing as it was when COVID hit our communities hard, there were many beautiful moments during lockdown to look back on fondly. And personally, if they happened to me again, I wouldn’t be so mad about it.

Lockdown has presented some really great opportunities to connect and slow down. It was the ultimate reminder to not worry about the little things and just be present. Here is what I would like to revisit because it was really great…

Remote work enabled many people to work from anywhere in the world.
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Working from home was the best

Key workers aside, the collective sigh could be heard from miles away as organizations announced their plans to return to the office. Working from home has had great benefits. First, you could work from anywhere – mine was on my parents’ farm in the Southern Highlands – and you didn’t have to commute into town or navigate through heavy traffic. They literally got up, signed in and left.

It also meant some extra sleep in time because you didn’t have to get ready to go anywhere. It literally went from bed to desk or couch in seconds. What’s not to love about it?

Many have been able to reduce snacking and walk more.
Working from home allowed for more exercise time after work.
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I was fitter than ever

After the initial COVID pounds took over my body and I could finally cope with the constant home snacking, lockdown meant I could squeeze a long bush walk into my day. Something I never had time for when I was working in the office.

With the kids and the dog in tow, we walked an average of at least 6 km a day. This got us all fresh air into our lungs and made us fitter than ever. Those COVID pounds melted away quickly and we all felt great at the end of each day.

Going outside and playing became an integral part of everyday school life.
Going to the park became part of attending school.
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Exercise was a daily lesson during homeschooling

Speaking of being fit, and I’ll gloss over the shit fight that was homeschooling, having the time to include daily exercise was something that was welcomed into our home. After complaining about writing recounts or practicing timetables, it was time to hit the local park for some exercise every time the 3:00 p.m. clock rolled in. And the kids were really looking forward to it!

Some days it was soccer and other days it was tennis or swings. It was a daily lesson enjoyed by most families and not something that would have been done if kept in the classroom for a normal semester.

Many found their to-do lists shrinking.
At home, tasks could be completed much more easily.
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We were able to tackle projects that we kept putting off

For months I’ve been urging my husband to start a small vegetable patch in our garden, but working full-time for both of us meant we never had the time. And our weekends were always filled with kids’ birthday parties that kept us from doing what we wanted to do at home.

But when lockdown came and we needed to fill our days, it meant we could tackle projects like the vegetable patch. And everyone joined in because it meant we had something to do!

My vegetable patch was built in two days and we all enjoyed going into the garden, filling it with soil and planting fresh vegetables. I know, very healthy of us.

In many families, home has become a bar.
Working from home allowed people to have a glass of wine at any time.
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Happy hour didn’t actually have an “hour”

I know you’d be lying if you told me you never cracked open that bottle of gin or poured yourself a cheeky after-work wine before 4pm!

Being home meant we could celebrate crawling through the end of a combined homeschool/kindergarten and work day with a drink of our choice.. any hour we chose because we had nowhere to go.

Children could take on more responsibility under the watchful eyes of their parents.
Parents could teach their children life lessons while studying from home.
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Life lessons the classroom couldn’t teach

When we were told to homeschool our little ones, I was determined not to turn the experience into a negative one. I had long hoped for some free time to teach my kids how to ride barefoot bikes and I decided lockdown was our time to do so.

The kids looked forward to getting on their bikes for practice each day and it didn’t take long for them to pick up the skill.

Life lesson nailed thanks to COVID!

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