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Bobcat Parents and Families,

Despite the drop in temperature, the mood on campus is high. This week, we’re celebrating International Education Week by giving well-deserved attention to OHIO’s global engagement through education and research. Throughout the week, our entire campus community comes together to celebrate. I am proud of our global community that attracts students, faculty and staff from all over the world.

Next week is Thanksgiving, then our students will be back on campus for a week before final exams and the start of fall. If you’re like me, that’s a lot to process! I’m sure our students feel it too, so please let us know how we can support them. If you are unfamiliar with OHIO’s psychiatric and counseling services available to students, consider attending this Thursday evening webinar to learn more.

In gratitude,


Kathy A Fahl, MSW

Dean of Students

Tips for job hunting

Start early

Take enough time to work through application documents and prepare online research.

to seek advice

Meet with a career coach to practice interviewing, review your resume, and get networking tips.

asking around

Let everyone know you’re looking for a job. You never know which connections will make the difference!

Get more tips

Make the most of the season

For many, the holidays bring joys as well as trials, connection and conflict, leisure and pressure – and students are not immune. As this season begins, consider how to protect your well-being, prepare yourself to face stressful situations with grace, and find joy in the process.


Think of your blessings and don’t do it half-heartedly. Gratitude practices are most effective when you push yourself. Write down 25 things (no, not a typo) every day that you appreciate in life.


Donate your time and talent to people in your community, reach out to a friend to express your appreciation, buy gifts for a child she might not otherwise have, do the dishes for your parents—you get the idea.


Whether it’s through relaxation, exercise or your favorite hobbies, make time every day to rejuvenate.


Participate in drop-in support resources that give you the opportunity to share your experiences. Try The Grad Pad, First Generation Affinity Group or Worthy Women Affinity Space.

Don’t see a group that fits your needs? Connect with others through Togetherall, an anonymous online mental health support community.

Save your money, get scholarships

We know that planning a year ahead isn’t for everyone, but when it comes to getting paid, it’s totally worth it! Now is the time for graduate students to find scholarships, so keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Complete the application by the February 1, 2023 deadline.

2. Opportunities are open to all students, including freshmen in the current year.

3. Apply online or via your Studierendenwerk account under the “Student Service” link.

4. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will be notified by email in March 2023.

Native American Heritage Month

November is a time to celebrate the diverse cultures and important contributions of indigenous people. It is also a time to raise awareness of the unique challenges that indigenous people have historically faced. In order to raise their voices and change the false narratives about indigenous attitudes in our society, we must begin to cultivate consciousness.

Check your assumptions

Be mindful of the language you use in conversations with your peers. Help each other identify where you unintentionally fall into assumptions and encourage each other to adopt better practices.

Watch out for stereotypes

Make sure you don’t just refer to the native people as Indians. Refer to their specific tribal affiliation and use the correct terminology. If in doubt, ask.

Challenge outright bigotry

If you hear or see others perpetuating myths about tribal peoples – whether out of ignorance or overt racism – share the right information with them.

Celebrate International Education Week

Join conversations to celebrate OHIO’s commitment to global education and engagement.

Friday 18 Nov

Join international students for a special screening of short films.

Friday 18 Nov

Enjoy international cuisine by tasting Jollof rice dishes from different countries.

The whole week

Visit an exhibition of the winning photos of the IEW photo competition.


Application for scholarships, work studies etc.

FAFSA for 2023-24 is open

Avoid student debt. Get a campus job.

Students with jobs do better

Are you a freshman?

Complete your required online education

Are you a third year student?

Yes, you have to study online too

Your final will be here soon

Prepare yourself with these resources

Get your nerd on…

Geographic Information Systems Day

close of business

Many facilities across campus have changed opening hours during holiday breaks. Be sure to check opening times before planning to use these services.

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Water Sports Center >

Bird Ice Arena >

Golf and tennis center >

Culinary Services >

CATS Shuttle Services >

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