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The Project Advisor Communications & Engagement helps in the successful implementation of WMP projects within and between specific locations. The Project Advisor Communications & Engagement is a representative of the WMP at project sites with local partners. The project consultant is expected to consistently demonstrate and reflect the WMP values ​​and way of working. You will facilitate contact between project teams and WMP, utilizing a range of practical skills including planning, implementation and risk management, while providing a deep understanding of the Wolbachia Technology and awareness of regulatory and community engagement approaches to ensure positive impact and benefits are achieved at each project site.

This role specializes in and provides expertise in communication and engagement. The Communications & Engagement Project Advisor provides training and support in the development and implementation of a communications and engagement campaign strategy that aligns with the Public Acceptance Model and the WMP brand while adhering to the required timelines, budgets, objectives and quality management. They support the delivery of best practice community engagement strategies for the WMP project sites in America

The project consultant works within and aligns with the regional implementation team and the global team to support projects and ensure consistent and high-quality project implementation

Reporting line: Reporting to the Senior Project Manager, the position is broadly managed and operates with a degree of autonomy.

Supervision duties: Not applicable

Financial delegation and/or budget responsibility: Not applicable


  1. Work closely with the Senior Project Manager and implementation team to ensure successful delivery of WMP projects through sound planning and execution of communication and engagement activities.
  2. Build proactive and supportive internal and external relationships with key leadership and operational roles within local project teams, the global WMP team and with key stakeholders (government agencies, NGOs, NFPs, etc.) to provide expertise, advice and guidance.
  3. As a recognized subject matter expert in communication and engagement, provide guidance and support to projects in these activities including risk management, quality assurance, data collection and reporting in accordance with existing policies and procedures to ensure a high quality, standardized process is used across all projects.
  4. Collect, analyze, and report project data, including statistical analysis, to make informed decisions, find cost-effective solutions, and inform project budgets and schedules.
  5. Work with Functional Leads and the Senior Project Manager to ensure consistent standards and processes are widely applied across all project sites to ensure a consistent approach to WMP project execution and to maintain quality and brand reputation.
  6. Identify risks associated with project execution and work with the senior project manager to assign the right people and resources to manage them.
  7. Identify opportunities to improve implementation quality. Support the efficient deployment and optimization of new technologies and capture project-driven innovations.
  8. Communicate effectively with implementation and functional teams to share insights and expertise to ensure continuous improvement practices are widely adopted.
  9. Lead implementation communication and engagement staff to deliver a high standard of internal and external communication and stakeholder engagement
  10. Support and develop external communications content for key stakeholders including governments, donors, global communications teams and industry partners
  11. Identify opportunities and develop strategies for expansion in target countries to ensure implementation success at a later stage. Participate in regional strategy development.
  12. Work with the Learning Design Solutions team to develop curriculum and resources for efficient and accurate knowledge transfer in communication and engagement, and promote the WMP online learning platform Catalyst for capacity building of project workers.
  13. Develop and support the delivery of innovative and best-practice community engagement project initiatives that are aligned with the project objectives and will have a significant and sustainable impact, taking into account the context-specific needs in the country.



Relevant qualifications – such as media/journalism, public policy, communication or social sciences or extensive and highly relevant prior experience;

knowledge and skills

  1. Previous work experience in relevant areas such as mosquito control, novel health interventions, international development projects or other change programs affecting communities in developing countries.
  2. Demonstrated ability to cultivate and maintain trusted, valuable relationships, ideally across a range of cultures and countries; and exceptional stakeholder engagement skills.
  3. Demonstrated high-level interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to influence, negotiate and provide advice to a wide range of individuals and authorities, particularly those outside the institution, to achieve specific goals;
  4. Proven experience in planning and implementing large and complex projects, especially in an environment where continuous change is expected;
  5. Demonstrated ability to act independently, take initiative within established management guidelines and have the ability to organize yourself, work under pressure and meet deadlines
  6. ability to implement new systems and procedures that contribute to increased operational efficiencies;
  7. Proven ability to effectively influence collaboration and negotiate successful outcomes with a range of stakeholders
  8. Strong commitment to providing quality customer service to internal and external stakeholders
  9. Strong knowledge of Spanish with basic knowledge of English


  1. Proven leadership and team management skills.
  2. Previous experience in a role that requires working with regulatory bodies and/or community groups, particularly in a range of cultural settings.


  • Significant travel to overseas project sites, possibly for longer periods, to immerse into local teams.
  • Working outside of business hours (including evenings, weekends and holidays) may be required to accommodate periods of increased work and travel.
  • There may be work peaks during which holiday entitlement may be restricted.
  • The position is only open to candidates with labor law in Colombia
  • The candidate will be hired as a contractor and 12 months with the possibility of extension.
  • Closing date: November 29, 2022
  • The cover letter is required

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