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WASHINGTON, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Learning Without Tears, a leading early childhood education company, is showcasing its successful literacy solution at the the National Association for the Education of Young Children – NAEYC – Annual Conference. Occur November 16-19 In the Washington, D.C Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the conference comes as educators across the country focus on reversing declining student reading scores, first reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress due to pandemic school closures.

“Alarm bells are ringing in school systems across the country and around the world,” said the CEO of Learning Without Tears Terry Nelson. “Students of all demographics and regions have lost important literacy skills during the pandemic. The decline in reading achievement has the potential to wipe out a lifetime of successful learning and leave millions of children behind. It is critical that schools and families invest to reverse this learning loss.”

CEO Nealon continued, “Learning Without Tears has been at the forefront of early childhood literacy for more than 40 years, and we bring that experience to the table with easy-to-adopt and deploy effective learning solutions and professional development that are research-based and results-driven. driven and utilize all formats, technology, print and services to ensure teachers are best equipped to meet the needs of their students.”

Groundbreaking integration of language technology and reading and writing instruction

Educators at NAEYC will see the Learning Without Tears curriculum continuum, which includes preschool, basic reading instruction with an emphasis on phonics, and handwriting development.

The company will present Phonics, Reading and Me™ – a new K-3 phonics supplement program designed to help children learn the skills they need to become competent readers. This groundbreaking literacy program offers an integrated printed and digital instructional model that combines technology, assessment, and embedded professional learning for teachers.

Through a partnership with Dublin-based SoapBox Labs, Phonics, Reading and Me will use speech recognition technology to provide unique digital assessments that make it easier for teachers to identify gaps in reading skills and provide each student with personalized learning paths. The conference will also be an introduction for many educators to the new early reading program A–Z for Mat Man® and Me, a new assessment platform for Pre-K in Get Set for School® and new digital test modules for Keyboarding Without Tears®. Each of these programs is backed by world-class professional learning and development.

Educators at Jasper City Schools in Alabama used Phonics, Reading and Me over the summer to reinforce basic reading skills for a select group of at-risk readers. Students built their reading confidence and comprehension through engaging texts that expanded their phonemic awareness and decoding skills.

“Teachers always struggle with how much time they have. But Phonics, Reading and Me have everything our teachers need right there. It contained helpful tools that teachers need,” said Angela Harbinga reading specialist at Jasper City Schools.

Learning Without Tears will be exhibiting at booth #2229 Washington, D.C convention center. Alongside product demonstrations, education professionals from business and industry will discuss key aspects of teaching reading and how technology is enabling teachers to personalize instruction for more students than ever before.

The NAEYC Annual Conference will be held November 16-19, 2022.

About learning without tears

Learning Without Tears is a leading early childhood education company offering a proven and unique approach to teaching and learning, from critical readiness skills in preschool education to essential writing and writing skills, including handwriting, keyboard and cursive. The elementary-level programs benefit all learners with multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate, best practices and are used by millions of students around the world. Learning Without Tears’ professional development programs provide early childhood expertise to thousands of teachers, tutors, and occupational therapists across the United States and around the world. Visit www.lwtears.com for more information.

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