CT Takes Note of Chronic Absenteeism at New Haven Schools – CTPost | Team Cansler

NEW HAVEN — Already on the state’s radar due to dismal reading results and a close day in their senior year, the city’s school district was recently called in to discuss the district’s absenteeism rate that had one school board member at “crisis level.”

Last year, 58.1 percent of the city’s 19,420 students were considered chronically absent, meaning they missed 10 percent or more of the school year.

It has been cited as a record high for the district and the highest percentage listed statewide in 2021-22.

“They wanted to know how we deal with it. That’s all,” Schools Superintendent Iline Tracey said in a recent email to Education Committee member Darnell Goldson.

Tracey said the Oct. 31 meeting was made possible by the state commissioner of education. Goldson was not invited to the meeting, only board members and some headquarters staff.

The state meeting was held in New Haven, not Hartford, according to the state.

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