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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched a virtual platform called “Antriksh Jigyasa”, meaning “space curiosity”, a knowledge portal for exploring space science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and active learning. Antriksh Jigyasa offers online self-paced courses in space science, technology and their applications.

Interested parties can register with the official on the portal website by Antriksh Jigyasa.

Antriksh Jigyasa is open to the public, ISRO says on its website. The platform for online learners features innovative e-learning content on space science, technology and applications. There is an area called “SkyPicks” where space-loving kids can showcase their creativity. The theme for this month is “Think like a Space Scientist”.

So far, over 560 participants have registered on the portal. Antriksh Jigyasa has 42 video sessions, 113 knowledge stores, four knowledge partners and seven online courses.

Here are some insights into the components of Antriksh Jigyasa:

Shiksha Gagan, Space Varta, SkyPicks, SPARK, Antriksh Navachar and Space Quiz are some of the interesting components of Antriksh Jigyasa.

Shiksha Gagan

Shiksha Gagan is a “Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)” for students and professionals. It is a virtual active learning platform that offers online self-paced courses in space science, technology and their applications, and allows learners to access e-learning content and study materials by enrolling in ISRO E-CLASS Learning Management Register and log into the system (LMS).

Learners must follow the defined course policies for each course, participate in the online activities, and complete assignments to receive the course completion certificate.

The courses are available as MOOCs and learners must complete them within three months.

There are courses in remote sensing technology, geographic information systems, and space science, technology, and applications.

Varta room

Space Varta is the “voice of ISRO scientists”. Through Space Varta, scientists can share the theory behind scientific concepts related to specific areas of space science, technology and applications, as well as their success stories and results from major space missions. Space Varta is an interactive program for registered listeners.

To ensure a large number of people can listen to the space scientists, the live sessions will also be available on social media. The registered users can ask their questions during the live sessions and the subject matter expert will answer some of the questions.


SkyPicks is a creative platform for children to show their imagination and creativity related to astronomy, astrophysics and space, and allows young people to submit creative photographs, sketches, drawings and creative videos. ISRO will regularly evaluate the creative pieces and appropriately acknowledge the best submissions.


ISRO unveiled SPARK, India’s first virtual space museum, on August 10, 2022.

SPARK is India’s first 3D virtual space technology park and includes a museum, theatre, observatory, life-size rocket garden, lakeside café area and playground, among others. SPARK presents digital content on various ISRO missions in an interactive way. On the platform there are various documents, pictures and videos related to ISRO launchers, satellites and scientific machines.

One can virtually enter the main museum building and navigate the virtual facility to explore various exhibits related to ISRO’s achievements, satellites and launch vehicles. People can also access documents related to ISRO scientists.

Virtual Tour of SPARK

The beta version of the platform offers a virtual tour of SPARK. You can virtually board a bus called Space on Wheels. In April 2022, ISRO shared a documentary titled “Space on Wheels” showing an exhibition of 75 Indian satellites as part of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations. The documentary also highlights ISRO’s upcoming missions, including the Gaganyaan program and the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

The three-dimensional Virtual Space Tech Park is a fun park that includes a museum, theater, observatory, life-size rocket garden, lakeside cafe area, children’s playground, and several other attractions.

There is a solar system park where the sizes of the various planets, from Mercury to Neptune, and that of Earth’s moon have been shown.

The museum shows ISRO’s achievements, satellites and launch vehicles. In the virtual tour you can also see the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mark III.

A film about ISRO’s missions will be shown in the theater.

People can use arrows to virtually move to different locations in the space park.

Antriksh Navachar

Antriksh Navachar is an online platform for young innovators to submit their ideas, research, models, software, tools and techniques, problem-solving approaches and other creative and innovative solutions. Students can write a brief description of their innovation and submit it along with a problem-solving statement.

Space Quiz

An online quiz platform for young students, Space Quiz is an event-based quiz based on topics and topics related to space science, technology and applications.

Participants who achieve a pass mark in the Space Quiz will receive a Quiz Completion Certificate. One can use the platform to improve and test their knowledge of space science and technology.

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