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NASA’s Artemis I mission, launched Wednesday, has shared a spectacular view of Earth on its way to the moon. If you often marvel at space and its endless expanses, you might also enjoy following the spacecraft in real time while it is thousands of kilometers away from our planet.

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Republicans will win the House of Representatives, CNN projects, after crossing the 218-seat threshold needed to control the chamber. The win falls short of the GOP’s hopes for a “red wave,” but will thwart President Joe Biden’s domestic political agenda and likely subject his White House to relentless scrutiny. The GOP win, on the other hand, could create an environment where both parties are more productive than you think — research shows the US government actually outperforms in times of divided government. The House victory for Republicans also means House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker, ending Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s second term in January. Pelosi is expected to “address her future plans” today, her spokeswoman said, and many expect she will step down for a new generation of leaders.

Amazon has confirmed it has started laying off employees days after several outlets reported that the e-commerce giant plans to lay off around 10,000 employees this week. Amazon’s layoffs come as several big tech companies significantly reduce their workforces as people return to pre-pandemic habits. Facebook parent Meta recently announced 11,000 job cuts, the largest in the company’s history. Twitter also announced sweeping job cuts after Elon Musk bought the company for $44 billion. According to a copy of an internal email sent by the billionaire and obtained by CNN, Musk has given employees until tonight to commit to “extremely hard” work or leave the company.

Twitter under Musk shows “the winding up of a person”, not a company: Scott Galloway


– Source: CNN

The student accused of killing three University of Virginia football players was denied bail Wednesday as startling new details emerged. The suspect was on a field trip with other UVA students Sunday to see a play in Washington, DC, a university spokesman said. As the bus returned to the Charlottesville campus, authorities said the 22-year-old opened fire on the bus, killing the three players. According to a witness, the suspect shot and killed one of the three players while he was sleeping, the Albemarle County Attorney said. The suspect is being held in custody and faces multiple charges including second-degree murder and counts of using a handgun in the commission of a crime.

UVA witness sot

“Bizarre”: Witness speaks of confrontation before shooting

President Biden today responded to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s claim that a Ukrainian missile was not responsible for a deadly explosion in Poland on Tuesday that killed two people. “It’s not proof,” Biden told reporters at the White House after returning from the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Polish officials say it’s likely a Ukrainian missile deployed by its air defenses amid waves of Russian missile attacks fell on Polish territory. Russian shelling and rocket attacks continued to target civilian infrastructure, including gas and electricity facilities, overnight, according to Ukrainian officials. Russia’s renewed attacks on civilian infrastructure come after Moscow forces fired around 100 rockets at at least a dozen cities and districts in Ukraine on Tuesday.

Maj Mike Lyons 111622

The missile that hit Poland may have come from Ukraine

Yale and Harvard Law Schools, two of the nation’s top law schools, announced they are dropping from US News & World Report’s ranking of top law schools. Schools are backing out after criticizing the publication’s methodology, arguing that the list is actively perpetuating inequalities in law schools. Given Yale and Harvard’s elite status, the move is significant and could signal a greater departure from college rankings. For years, politicians and university officials have dismissed the rankings, although potential students and their families still refer to them. The decisions were met with praise, but some questioned whether the move, if other schools followed it, would make it harder for the average person to choose college.

‘Most Cringiest Thing’: Daniel Craig dances in new commercial

The man we know as James Bond stripped off his smart suits to perform a hilarious dance number in a vodka commercial. Watch the video here.

Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” snubbed at Grammys?

Some are wondering why Swift’s phenomenally successful album Midnights wasn’t nominated for a Grammy this week. Here’s what happened.

Andy Warhol artworks sell for ‘monumental’ $85.4 million

Warhol may be best known for his pop art prints of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup Cans, but this piece is among the most valuable post-war works ever sold at auction.

Freeze Your Celebration: The Ultimate Thanksgiving

Forget feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen this year. Here’s how you can prepare your Thanksgiving celebration in advance for a hassle-free vacation.

Coffee prices have fallen thanks to better weather in Brazil

Rain in Brazil ensures a good coffee harvest this year and secures supplies… but it might not mean much for your cup of coffee. Starbucks and other stores are still raising prices in the face of rising labor and distribution costs.

4 feet

That’s how much snow could be dumped in western New York in the coming days as forecasters are now measuring potential snowfall in feet, not inches. This week’s lake-effect snowfall in and around Buffalo and Watertown is expected to be “crippling,” the National Weather Service said. Historical events in the region include November 2000, when many were bogged down in their vehicles as two feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours, and the twin storms that made “Snow-mageddon” infamous in 2014 with over 5 feet of snow .

“I’m still praying for the President. And I pray for the grace to forgive him and everyone responsible for this tragic day.”

– Former Vice President Mike Penceon whether he’s still angry at former President Donald Trump for putting his family in danger during the Jan. 6 riot. During a CNN town hall on Wednesday, Pence was shown video of his family fleeing to safety from the US Capitol. Pence reacted to the video with dismay, calling Trump’s rhetoric and behavior “reckless.” Still, he stressed that he was no longer angry because “in the Christian faith, forgiveness is not optional.”

large lake snowfall accumulation

The second round of heavy snow with a lake effect begins late Thursday


– Source: CNN

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Dog enjoys peaceful piano

Watch this talented 7-year-old beautifully perform “Moon River” for her dog, Sharky. You may know this song from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, originally performed by Audrey Hepburn. (click here to view)

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