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CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman City Board of Education met Tuesday, November 15 at East Elementary School and recognized sixth grader Collin Kent as student of the month. Pat Harrison, a second-grade instructor, was named Teacher of the Month, and Support Staff of the Month went to East Elementary Administrator Michael Banks.

The following agenda items were approved:

  • Financial report containing month-end closing and cash/bank reconciliation for September 2022
  • Approved to reject Offer #23-01 for a van and negotiate the purchase price of $546,850 with sole bidder, Mitch Smith Chevrolet
  • Start Career Tech Pathways
  • Informatics Pathway valid for the 2022-2023 school year
  • Engineering Pathway valid for the 2023-2024 school year
  • Approve a 6% surcharge for the Cullman Middle School boys soccer coach
  • Contracted with Erica Ball to provide tutoring services
  • Contracted with Erica Ball to provide homebound services
  • Contracted with Lori Andrews to provide homebound services
  • Contracted with Holly Abbott to provide consulting services
  • Contract with Lois Bice to provide family services
  • Provisional TEAMS contract with Donna Brunetti
  • Contract with mentor teachers (CCSS mentors and ALSDE mentors)
    • CCSS Mentors: Keli Thrasher, Lisa Martin, Jessica Lowry, Kelli Hughes, Jordan Rivers, Aaron Avery, Kristen Barnett, John Drake, Kylie Bates, Pat Harrison, Danielle Taylor, Tonya McCravy, Kelly Hayes, Kristie Noblett and Krista Johnson
    • ALSDE Mentors: Tonia Broussard, Tonya Trammell, Courtney Peed, Jennifer Calahan, Lacy Cameron, Patti Britton, Michelle Greenlee, Dana Putman and Lori Andrews
  • Contracted with Glenwood to provide services that include autism assessments and comprehensive assessments
  • Approval of the members of the textbook committee
    • Headquarters: Emily Hines and Lindsay Brannon
    • Cullman City Elementary School: Brandi Sims, Hilary Nix, Jana Thrasher, Harper Marshall, Amanda Tanner, Micheal Fowlkes and Ashley Eddleman
    • East Elementary School: Lindsey Howard, Savannah Wood, Paige Hamm, Hannah Hunt, Rachel Carden, Kayse Fondren, Catherine Blackmon, Jessica Lowry, David Wiggins and Michael Fowlkes
    • Western Elementary: Lindsay Harris, Michelle Joiner, Mary Beth Cleveland, Stephanie Carver, Mallory Adams, Angela Hall, Kristy White, Tere Kelly, and Michael Fowlkes
    • Cullman Middle School: Jake Johnson, Lucas McCollum, Katie McGee, Brent Hill, Robyn Nance, Michael Fowlkes, and Tenneill Manning
    • Cullman High School: Aimee Bates, Jennifer Calahan, Michelle Greenlee, Emily Ray, Casey Harbin, Caitlin Bowling, Erica Ball, Michael Fowlkes and Katie Jackson
  • CMS and CHS special education students and peer helpers travel to Disney World in Orlando
  • Surplus uncirculated books from the Cullman Middle School library
  • Salvage punch press at Cullman City Elementary School
  • Recycling MacBooks at Cullman City Elementary School
  • Recovery of a Dell laptop at the Cullman City Elementary School
  • Recycling Smart Table at Cullman City Elementary School
  • Salvage textbooks at West Elementary School
  • Waste ice maker, two stand machines/battery chargers and warming cabinet from the children’s feeding program
  • Surplus riding lawn mower and push mower from West Elementary School

The following resignations were accepted:

  • Kayla Aaron – Teaching Assistant at Cullman City Head Start and Lead Early Care Teacher at Cullman City Primary School effective November 28, 2022
  • Amy Uphold – Teaching Assistant at Cullman City Elementary School, effective November 16, 2022

The following conditional employment was approved:

  • Jorie Johnson – Teaching Assistant for extended days at Cullman City Elementary School, beginning November 16, 2022 (JV22-099)
  • Amber Corley – Head Start Pre-K Assistant Teacher at Cullman City Head Start beginning November 28, 2022 (JV22-107)
  • Angela Trucks – Teaching Assistant at Cullman City Schools (Travellers), from November 16, 2022 (22-40-108)
  • Jessica Svarney – Long-term Teaching Assistant to fill a leave of absence FMLA at West Elementary School beginning November 28, 2022 to March 3, 2023 (JV22-109)
  • Natalie Smith – Teaching Assistant on Extended Day at Cullman City Elementary School beginning November 16, 2022 (JV22-099)
  • Dori Long – Special Educator at Cullman City Primary School, as of January 3, 2023 (JV22-111)
  • Emily Steele – Teaching Assistant at Cullman City Primary School, as of November 16, 2022 (JV22-112)
  • Jennifer Hazelrigs – Cullman High School junior varsity softball head coach
  • Joseph Touliatos – Volunteer basketball coach for community boys
  • Connor Adams – Assistant Fishing Coach

The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 13 at 5 p.m. at the City School Board Office.

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