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I see the mayor of Edmonton has decided to scrap the tradition of lighting the Christmas tree that we have in Canada. Not surprisingly, Canada continues to lose Canadian traditions, largely because our local officials at various levels of government have decided that it might offend a person or group who doesn’t like Canadian values. Edmonton can easily put up a tree, even if it’s smaller or moved to the location where Christmas is advertised. To say that cost is one factor and cutting down the tree is another is nonsense. The mayor has no problem taking his delegation on a useless trip to Egypt at the expense of Edmonton’s taxpayers.

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(The decision was made by the Edmonton Downtown Business Association. Business organizations are usually receptive to customer complaints/preferences, so maybe let them know how you feel.)


This week, Health Canada officials were asked before a parliamentary health committee why they had done nothing to address the situation, despite knowing of a shortage of cold and flu medicines for children since April. Fortunately, our Chief Medical Officer, Theresa Tam, has just released her detailed 2022 annual report, declaring that climate change “poses catastrophic risks for present and future generations.” Of course, this will reassure all parents who do not have access to the medicines their children urgently need.

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(It’s bizarre that the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t anticipated and met the demand for pediatric pain relievers — this isn’t the first flu season North America has seen. But definitely the government should be able to do something to address the situation to enhance.)


Children have always gotten sick. And often, including their parents. Why all the fuss now? Makes no sense. Suddenly it’s not even okay to go to school with a cold. My youngest had a fever, sore throat and tiredness. So we kept him at home. That day it seemed better, considered keeping it at home for one more day, then sent it back asap. End of the story. And no, he doesn’t need to be forced to wear a respirator afterwards to prevent such a minor inconvenience from happening again. So stupid. Remember when everyone used to just get sick? And do it without interference from school authorities and unions? Or being forced to “pivot” to inferior online learning? Boy do I sure miss common sense and 2019!

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(Pressure to normalize COVID mounts.)


Canada’s housing problems will not be solved by restricting new arrivals, says immigration minister. Of course it helps! Liberals just can’t do math, no matter what minister or department. No apartments available but bring in tens of thousands more. We haven’t caught up with the liberal catastrophe of COVID, we have $1.5 trillion in debt, Trudeau spends billions every time he leaves Canada, and we have nothing for Canadians like housing and food going to Canada come, not to mention medicines for children.


(Canadians are boundlessly generous.)

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