Think Outside the Classroom: Hot Springs Elementary Garden Club Holds Classes Outdoors – Citizen Times | Team Cansler

HOT SPRINGS – For many students, outdoor classes are always a welcome treat on those rare occasions.

But for students at Hot Springs Elementary School, it’s common to hold classes outdoors, thanks to the Hot Springs Elementary Garden Club. The Garden Club is a service program coordinated by Hot Springs resident Natalie Hesed.

“They can plant seeds, they can prepare the soil, they can water and harvest the plants, and then we eat them in class or we send them home to families,” Hesed said. “The harvest always goes free to school staff and families, especially during the school year.”

The garden club works throughrich cities, an Asheville-based nonprofit dedicated to teaching sustainable farming skills and sharing resources to promote social justice, economic viability and community resilience, according to its website. Hesed said she’s using Bountiful Cities’ instructional programs to link them to the science, math, and English/language arts curricula, and also plans to meet with Misty Varnell, NC Cooperative Extension — the Madison County Center’s 4H youth development officer to incorporate additional instruction plans.

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