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Over the years, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, bringing convenience and improved ways of accessing information. Not only adults are addicted to it, but the technology is also introduced to children at an early age to refine their learning methods and support their social development.

During the COVID-related lockdowns, schools around the world have been forced to run online courses while students have had to keep up with e-learning tools to continue their education.

Many had difficulty logging into live sessions and taking online exams. E-learning is here to stay, and that’s all the more reason why children’s digital education is the need of the hour.

Teach technology early

Technology in early education is already part of today’s curriculum, but at a very basic level, despite an increase in digital learning among middle and high school students. Learning for the age groups of students between 3-6 years is still based on traditional methods.

There is an imperative need for students aged 3-6 or 3-9 to experience an interactive and holistic learning environment as this is a crucial phase in their lives where they develop socio-emotional skills.

Not just the present, but everything about the future tells us that technology will take center stage and our way of using it will evolve and evolve. This idea itself is the basis for the early adoption of technology in education.

Being curious by nature helps you learn faster

Children are naturally curious about the world and are constantly exploring to understand it better. Their brains are growing at a tremendous rate, which is why they can learn skills or a new language faster than usual.

However, ways to teach children technical knowledge is an important aspect that should be discussed and efficiently planned before implementation. We are all aware that it is easier for children in their formative years to grasp and even master newer topics and information.

However, adopting technology for cognitive minds to master in the future should be an easy start. Teaching technology in a fun way so that children can learn without getting bored or frustrated is an important aspect that should be carefully considered.

Programming at a young age

Programming, for example, is a creative process of making things from scratch. Creating something from nothing pushes children to be more imaginative and crafty, which leads to improved creative skills. Teaching kids to code has also become more interactive and fun, encouraging kids to be more involved in the learning process. Overall, a non-graded approach to teaching children these skills will make them more casual and interesting.

Apart from that, coding builds problem-solving skills where processes are optimized using algorithms. Children can be taught all of this in an easy and fun way. Improving their technical skills at a very early stage in life prepares them for the future and can even contribute to future technology in more than one way.

concerns and conclusion

While learning about technology is important, parents naturally worry about their children’s exposure to it at a young age. Spending too much time in front of screens is never recommended, and over-reliance on social media or digital systems should not be the norm.

This is exactly why the balance between learning and dependency is the key to mastering a child’s digital development in addition to social development. Parents can start making weekly plans for how much time should be devoted to physical activities that can keep kids away from technology and how much time they can devote to digital literacy.

Leading by example is the best way for parents to ensure their children don’t become addicted to digital tools. Parents can make sure not to use many digital interfaces around children. Additionally, clear communication with the child about how to use technology effectively can be a good way to deal with the concerns.

Overall, the forms of learning are evolving and ways of life are being digitized and virtualized. Keeping up with the times is essential, and helping your children to be ready for the future is even more important. The decision as to whether children should be involved in early technical education should rest solely with the parents and the decision should be informed.

Author is the Head Talent Acquisition of Zuci Systems. The views expressed are personal.

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