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Do you need or want help with a difficult topic, whether in elementary school, middle school, high school, university and college courses, or even as an adult?

Tutor doctor is ready to help.

Former Ahwatukee resident Kimberly Selchan is the Owner/Educational Advisor of two Tutor Doctor franchises in Chandler-Gilbert and Phoenix-Scottsdale.

Ahwatukee’s Charmé Smith, who retired after more than three decades teaching from elementary school to college, is the other on-site Tutor Doctor training advisor.

Selchan, who moved to Gilbert in 2019 when she opened the Chandler-Gilbert franchise, is passionate about the opportunities Tutor Doctor offers to local families and adults by using individually screened tutors for each and every student.

She explained that Tutor Doctor offers a unique focus on each prospective student, not just the subject in which they need tutoring.

“While some tutoring providers tend to focus on a single topic, at Tutor Doctor we believe in a multi-step approach to a student’s educational journey,” said Selchan, who comes from corporate leadership and human resource development.

“We believe executive skills like time management and organization are just as important as core academic skills.”

Parents’ comments posted on social media agree.

Commenters praise how Tutor Doctor has helped improve their child’s study habits, testing skills, confidence and progress in their subject.

“Our mission is to help children make the transition to successful adults,” said Selchan, mother of a son and daughter, ages 13 and 12, respectively.

“Over the past five years, I’ve heard the guilt and concern in the voices of many parents when we discuss their children’s reduced confidence and academic challenges,” she said.

“I think it’s really valuable to understand that even the smartest and most caring parents aren’t always available or able to help their kids with academics, and a lot of kids just respond better to a neutral party.”

“Our tutor only has the best interest of the student at heart – no grades, no basic education; and we see that even very anxious and unmotivated children let go of their insecurities, knowing that it is safe to try without judgement.

“When new tutors join our team, I tell them head on that they are mentors and advocates for their students, not just a subject tutor,” said Selchan, who earned a BS in microbiology from Ohio State University before entering the corporate world made.

Tudor Doctor, with more than 700 franchises in 16 countries, emphasizes the personalized approach to learning.

Selchan’s two franchises focus on ensuring that the student and tutor are not only a match in their chosen subject, but also accommodate a wealth of other interests and characteristics that they may share.

As an education consultant, Smith believes he gets the time invested

Knowing the student before choosing a tutor promises greater success


“In addition to the academic needs, we really try to match the students with tutors who are a good fit in other areas as well. Just as there are different types of students, there are different types of tutors,” Smith said.

“From those students who would benefit from a very supportive tutor because of their personality or life circumstances, to those who need a more hands-on approach to learning, to students who need a lot of structure and help with organization or other executive skills, our tutors provide what they need,” said Smith, who has a master’s degree in education from Ohio’s Xavier University.

“We make sure, of course, that our tutors have the necessary skills, but also have the ability to relate well to the student population they would be working with,” she said.

“Connection with the student is key to a positive experience and sets the stage for maximum learning. Luckily we have over 70 tutors in the valley for all grades and almost every subject including SAT/ACT/GED test prep.”

Ahwatukee resident Kaleigh Lodge has found the Tutor Doctor helpful for her 10-year-old son Axel Lodge, a fifth grade student at St. John Bosco Catholic School who has been diagnosed with autism.

“His teachers did a great job of adapting his education, but they suggested we get him a tutor to give him a little extra help outside of school,” she said.

I am a great researcher and Tutor Doctor seemed a good fit for him. I reached out to her and Kimberly made the whole process so easy. Within a week she went through our son’s needs and set us up with Kianna,” she said of Kianna Vasavilbaso.

“Kiana was a great teacher. When she helps him with his homework, she develops several strategies to help him process what is being asked and expected of him. Our main goal is reading comprehension, and she doesn’t just make him read the words, she breaks down every word he reads and its meaning.”

Lodge said Axel has been more confident about asking for help since he started tutoring; one session twice a week, one hour to 90 minutes.

“We like the flexibility of having longer sessions if he’s feeling more engaged, or ending after an hour if he’s feeling burnt out from all the other activities he’s doing that day,” she said.

“Axel also plays hockey at Ice Den Chandler(cq) and takes piano lessons from Music Makers. Tutor Doctor did a great job with our busy schedule,” Lodge continued, adding:

“I cannot recommend Tutor Doctor enough, especially to parents who have special needs children, as I know how difficult it is to find someone with the skills to help your child. They do a great job of helping children learn with their unique needs.”

DanYelle Sedlak of Ahwatukee said her high school-age daughter improved in math with her Tutor Doctor.

“We first reached out to Tutor Doctor about a year ago when we realized she was struggling with math in high school,” she said.

“To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first about hiring a private tutor,” Sedlak continues. “However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tutor Doctor goes to great lengths to provide you with the best possible help for your child.

“Kimberly Selchan spent so much time on the phone with me

Understand my child’s personality and weaknesses. It seemed important to her to match my daughter with the perfect tutor.

“If a tutor didn’t work out, they went to great lengths to find the right one. That’s when we found Alexis Alonso. She was so helpful, patient and encouraging to my daughter. My daughter no longer complains when it’s time to do her homework. This was a great investment for many reasons.”

Selchan said the time she spends helping parents and their children is a calling she feels deeply and empathizes with their needs.

“When our kids are struggling at school, it can be heartbreaking to watch,” she said. “Academic struggles can spiral downward to lack of confidence, then loss of motivation and apathy.”

She said over a quarter of Tutor Doctor students have a 504 plan (formal plans that schools develop to give children with disabilities the support they need) or an Individual Education Plan (iep).

These students “struggle to learn at the pace and methods of the classroom,” Selchan said.

Whenever possible, Tutor Doctor works in partnership with the child’s school.

“We always try to work with the teacher or use online school technology to align our teaching with the school’s standards and curriculum,” Selchan said. “Rather than guessing how a child learns, they provide cognitive assessment to create tailored learning plans for our students.”

Selchan has partnered with Arizona Friends of Foster and other foster organizations to fulfill the mission of transitioning youth into adulthood. Approximately one third of the students in the Tutor Doctor regions are in foster care.

Homeschool tutoring, ASVAB and GED prep are available as well as Summer Learning.

See TutorDoctor.com Chandler/Gilbert for more information.

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