Department of Student Affairs and Success announces the creation of an Office for Student Behavior and Conflict Education; starts the search for the first director of the office – University of California, Santa Cruz | Team Cansler

After a thorough, campus-wide program review of UC Santa Cruz’s student behavior program, the Department of Student Affairs and Success establishes a new Office of Student Behavior and Conflict Education (OSSCE). With plans to open the OSSCE by fall 2023, the department is currently conducting a nationwide search for the bureau’s first office Deputy Dean of Studies and Director of Student Behavior and Conflict Education.

Under the overall direction of the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Studies, the Assistant Dean of Studies and Director of Student Behavior and Conflict Education will administer and provide visionary leadership for the campus-wide non-academic student behavior and conflict education systems. Responsibilities include:

  • Development of the long-term organizational goals and strategic plans of the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Education
  • Direction by supervisors and/or managers who report to the role
  • Monitoring of program analysis and evaluation
  • Management of the budget and human resources of the OSCCE
  • Representation of OSCCE and the Dean of Studies in relation to external organizations
  • Formulate and develop policies
  • Educating the campus community about OSCCE programs
  • Serves as a resource and advisor to students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders

Student Conduct and Conflict Education serves as the campus office for non-academic student conduct and related files, maintaining confidential records and ensuring institutional compliance and reporting. The incumbent will serve as the “responsible officer” for specifically designated cases of conduct, advise the AVC/DOS on a variety of complex policies and campus climate issues, serve as a member of the student dean’s leadership team, and potentially provide operational support to the AVC/DOS.

The formation of the OSSCE is a direct result of the Student, Staff and Faculty Task Force commissioned by Chancellor Larive in February 2021 to review UC Santa Cruz’s student behavior program. With equity at the forefront, the ultimate goal of this task force was to recommend newer, fairer, more just, and student-centered approaches to managing student behavior. The task force’s efforts spanned the winter and spring quarters of 2021 and included a self-study and an external review by renowned experts in the fields of student behavior and diversity, equity and inclusion.

As part of the Task Force recommendations, OSCCE will have two wings: 1.) Student Rights and Responsibilities and 2.) Conflict Education and Healing. Formal and informal judgments occur within the student rights and responsibilities wing, while new positions in conflict education and healing are being created to both expand UC Santa Cruz’s Restorative Justice program and add methods for resolving student behavior and conflict concerns and expand. New and expanded methods could include shuttle diplomacy, conflict coaching and educational interventions around alcohol and drug use.

Once the DSAS projects are fully established, approximately two-thirds of all student behavior recommendations will be handled within the Conflict Education and Healing Wing, while the most serious cases will be reserved for decision-making. This approach will reduce the number of disciplinary files created for less serious concerns. OSCCE also plans to develop a range of peer-supported programs overseen by paid student staff in both wings of the office.

Ultimately, an Advisory Board of students, staff and faculty will be established to work with OSCCE and serve as an institutionalized mechanism to provide regular guidance and recommendations on policies, processes and practices. The Department of Student Affairs and Achievement will shortly be contacting the Academic Senate, Student Body Assembly, Graduate Student Association and Human Resources Advisory Board to solicit nominations for this new advisory board.

While the appointments for Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Education represent the first appointments for this newly created post, they will certainly not be the last. The Department of Studies and Success is planning to create new positions in the coming months and will initiate the filling of positions accordingly.

The first review date for the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Education is November 30, 2022. Stay tuned for updates on the finalists’ on-campus interviews and how to participate.

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