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FIRST ON FOX – A deputy director of the US Department of Education appointed under President Biden poked fun at evangelical Christians and claimed that democracy is based on “white supremacy,” according to her Twitter profile.

Kristina Ishmael’s Twitter account was made private Monday, but not before Fox News Digital documented dozens of her claims about whiteness and white supremacy’s alleged links to American democracy, evangelical Christians, and fatphobia (bias against fat people).

Ishmael is the Associate Director in the Office of Educational Technology. The office implements policies for “equal access” to technology.

“[Democracy is] also builds on the white supremacy that I think continues in educational circles when BIPOC-Folx are told they are too negative by addressing real issues instead of superlatives,” she said.

Kristina Ishmael poses for a stock photo for the Nebraska Department of Education.
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Ishmael responded to a tweet that claimed the evangelical church welcomes “hate” and “white supremacy” in its institution.

She replied, “Amen.”

Fox News Digital asked the Department of Education if Ishmael showed any bias against evangelical Christians, but received no response. About 25-30% of Americans identify themselves as evangelical.

The Biden official said she walked away from a discussion because “a white male dominated the conversation.” In another instance, Ishmael said she shuts out white people’s voices.


Kristina Ishmael talks about walking away from a conversation when a "white male" started to speak.

Kristina Ishmael talks about walking away from a conversation when a ‘white man’ started speaking.

In another tweet, Ishmael appeared to express doubts about whether white gay men deserve to be considered a marginalized category in the curriculum.

“In most ‘inclusive’ materials, the most dominant folx are still represented in the marginalized group (e.g., white, cis, gay men). This doesn’t capture the nuances of that group,” she said.

In other cases, Ishmael has blown up the “white perspective” in the curriculum.

“[M]Most of my curriculum was written from a very narrow and white perspective,” she said.

Kristina Ishmael discusses what doesn't belong "included" Curriculum.

Kristina Ishmael discusses what doesn’t belong in an ‘inclusive’ curriculum.
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“How many times have you, as a teacher, been asked to uphold white supremacy through norms of the dominant culture,” Ishmael said.

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In another instance, Ishmael claimed that the term “stakeholder” was “colonizer slang to identify the white men who staked their claim to land”.

Ishamel also believes that prejudice against fat people is equal to white supremacy.

She said: “Learning to be comfortable in my own skin and weight and genuinely willing to reject the white supremacist ideal body? F*ck, yeah.”

“Fat phobia is real. ‘Ideal’ weight, shape and looks are white superiority burned into our daily lives. I’m so over it We deserve more than diets,” she said.

Kristin Ishmael is an officer in the US Department of Education.

Kristin Ishmael is an officer in the US Department of Education.
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Ishmael is a self-confessed fan of Ibram X. Kendi, the founding “anti-racist” director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.

Writing a column on “Living with the White Race” in 2003, Kendi explained, “Europeans are just a different kind of people… They’re socialized to be aggressive people… They’re raised to be racists.”


Ibram X. Kendi came under fire and was referred to as a "racist" on Saturday for matching Amy Coney Barrett "White colonizers" because she has two adopted black children from Haiti.

Ibram X. Kendi came under fire and was called a “racist” on Saturday for equating Amy Coney Barrett with “white colonizers” because she has two adopted black children from Haiti.
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Kendi claimed whites were concerned about “extinction” and “have tried to level the playing field with the AIDS virus and cloning, but they know that these deterrents won’t get them very far. This is where murder, psychological brainwashing and deception come in.”

Ishmael said: “[Shoutout] to [Dr. Kendi] as this group of educators talks about culturally-responsive pedagogy and specific references to segregationists, assimilationists and anti-racists. I got SO much from Dr. Kendi learned about it and how it applies to our field.”

“The current status quo of our education system works for white students but not for black or brown students. Many white people will wonder why it should be changed,” she said.

Ishmael has also said that “white supremacy” is burned into classroom rules.

She said: “So if I’m speaking to professionals in a webinar… should I also share the Zoom rules with them to remind them not to chew gum, mute mics, etc.? Oh that’s right, NO! And we shouldn’t do it with CHILDREN either… I can’t help but see the white supremacy built into the ‘rules’ I’ve seen floating around.

US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona

US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona
(REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein)


Fox News Digital previously reported that another DOE Biden official – Kayla Patrick – claimed that “school discipline” was part of a “racist system” and blamed it on so-called “white people” while working for a left-wing educational organization.

Patrick has been working in the DOE’s planning, assessment and policy development office since February, according to her LinkedIn. In 2021 she said: “school discipline is a symptom of a racist and punitive system that often doesn’t see children as children.”

“Instead of helping students learn from mistakes and grow from them, educators send them to the office or home or sometimes even Call the police. And black students are more likely to be offended and affected by it,” she said.


Ishmael has also criticized the whites for not voting for Biden.

She said: “Dear fellow whites, defending the percentage of us who voted for Biden is unhelpful right now. Read the room. Just don’t do it.”

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