US Intellectual Property Office Grants Full Patent Approval for Verasity’s Award-Winning Video – Crypto Briefing | Team Cansler

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Verasity, an open ledger ecosystem for delivering premium video services and preventing advertising fraud, announced today that it has received full patent approval in the United States (with international priority) for its premium video system and methodology. The patent approval is Verasity’s most significant milestone in protecting and licensing its award-winning video technology.

Reputation & Earn

Rewarded video is any type of incentive-based viewing where users are rewarded for watching a video. The rewarded video format is especially popular in mobile games where users can receive in-game credits, items, currency or even traditional cash as a reward for watching video content or ads displayed in an app. All of these types of rewarded videos would now come under Verasity’s patent entitled “System and Procedure for Viewing Reward Videos’and for which license fees are due.

Within the Verasity ecosystem, rewarded videos are made available through a feature called Watch & Earn. Consisting of a video rewards viewing module and video player, Watch & Earn can present video content to a user and give the viewer credit in the marketplace based on the value of the video or advertisement they are watching.

However, Verasity’s granted patent broadly covers any video in any digital format for which the viewer is rewarded – opening up a whole range of new business and licensing opportunities.

RJ Mark, Founder and CEO of Verasity, emphasized the importance of the patent and said:

“Rewarded videos are a huge and rapidly growing market. This patent is the culmination of years of hard work by the Verasity team to secure an internationally recognized patent for the rewarding video market. This patent covers all forms of video where a user receives any type of reward for watching a video on a digital platform. Rewarded videos have already been used by leading gaming companies like Blizzard Activision and major video platforms like YouTube, which may now be infringing on our patent. Since Verasity was granted the US patent for all forms of rewarded video, we intend to take full advantage of that patent and pursue licensing opportunities for all platforms that provide rewards to video viewers now protected by our patent. Proceeds from these licensing deals will be used for VRA buybacks.”

Verasity will now seek ways to license its award video technology and ensure that its intellectual property is protected under this patent for all forms of award videos.

Verasity is an open ledger ecosystem designed to fight ad fraud, provide publishers and advertisers open access to infrastructure, and reward users for watching video content. With product verticals in the advertising, eSports and video player industries, Verasity connects its ecosystem with its patented blockchain-based “Proof of View” technology. Used to fund advertising campaigns, staking via VeraWallet, and distributing Watch & Earn rewards, the $VRA token is central to the Verasity ecosystem as a single utility token with a whole host of uses.

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