College Corner: Bid Predictions for 2023 – Austin American-Statesman | Team Cansler

The questions for the crystal ball are: What can we expect for the future of university applications in 2023? What awaits today’s high school junior in the admissions process?

That darn crystal ball needs to be broken. It doesn’t show the future!

However, what helps predict the future are the trends and data we have collected over the past few years. These trends give us a pretty accurate picture of the future of college application and admissions.

Application inflation is real

In recent years, the number of applications for both public and private bodies has increased steadily and this growth shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down. On the surface this seems like a good thing, but what lies beneath is a different reality. Schools do not increase their available places. The recording options remain the same. So demand is growing, but supply is not, and the basics of economics say that (if we recall the real estate market) what happens is that the power is in the hands of the provider – the universities.

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