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Diverse collaboration to include joint R&D programs in partnership with Purdue students and faculty

West Lafayette, Indiana and Malta, New York – Purdue University, a public university with leading semiconductor talent development and R&D programs, and GlobalFoundries (Nasdaq: GFS) (GF), a global leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing today (Nov 23) announced a new strategic partnership to strengthen and expand collaboration in semiconductor research and education.

The announcement came after a virtual signing ceremony this week With dr Mung ChiangPresident-Elect and Executive Vice President of Purdue University and Dr Thomas CaulfieldPresident and CEO of GF. The agreement outlines opportunities for cooperation between GF and Purdue on joint research and development projects and educational opportunities.

“Purdue launched the Semiconductor Degree Program (SDP) in early 2022, continued to grow world-leading semiconductor research and welcomed multiple companies to our new Discovery Park District. We are excited to partner with GlobalFoundries to crystallize our offerings into programs relevant to founding the digital economy,” said Chiang. “We are intensifying our efforts not only to expand the talent pipeline, but also to create the depth of innovation capability needed to expand U.S. semiconductor leadership.”

“Today’s announcement underscores the widespread recognition of how GF’s feature-rich chips enable many of the devices and technologies that humanity relies on every day, and the ever-growing recognition of the strategic importance of semiconductors to global supply chains and economic security.” said Caulfield. “To accelerate this forward momentum, GF is proud to partner with Purdue to collectively advance semiconductor research and development and collaborate with Purdue’s talented faculty and students.”

For GF, the partnership with Purdue will be overseen by GF Labs, which will lead the company’s research and development efforts to advance GF’s differentiated technology portfolio in partnership with leading academic, government and industrial partners.

Earlier this year, Purdue launched the first large-scale comprehensive semiconductor graduate program in the United States with a series of innovative, interdisciplinary degrees and credentials in semiconductors and microelectronics. Gregg Bartlett, GF’s Chief Technology Officer, is a founding member of Purdue’s Semiconductor Degrees Leadership Board, which advises on the program and its curriculum. The area is one of the critical issues below Purdue’s next stepsstrategic initiatives that drive the university’s competitive advantage.

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