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The Bluffton Liberated Village Schools Education Council held a regular meeting on November 21, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at the Elementary Media Center.

All Board members were present: Larry Hoffman, President; Brad Dailey, Vice President; Roni Kaufman; Jeremy Scoles and Wes Klinger.

Staff present were Greg Denecker, Superintendent; Marty Herr, Technology Coordinator, Josh Kauffman, Middle School Principal, Paula Parrish, Treasurer, Ben Thiel, Elementary Principal; Mike Wilson, maintenance manager.

All laws were passed unanimously.

Larry Hoffman led the meeting with an agenda that included:

The icon and three observers were present in the audience. No comments were addressed to the Board of Directors.


Treasurer Paula Parrish pointed out that the five year financial forecast (attached) is required twice a year. An update also made in May. It assumes constant funding, which can change at any time. Flat revenues and increased expenses are expected. Approved by the board.


The following items were approved by the board:

Substitute Instructor for $95.00 per day teaches:

MaKayla Curry, Luke Erford, Lindsey Capps, Tiara Douce, Cary Hengstler, Heather Baldwin, Lillian Tate, Brista Drake, Elizabeth Dunahay, Jodi Conley, Martin Jacobs, Brayden Sautter, Amy Cantrell, Tiffany Gallant, Erin Stark, Lillian Bridegroom

Replacement Educational Assistant Contract at $12.00 per hour worked: Tiffany Gallant

Deputy cafeteria worker contract at $11.50 per hour worked: Tiffany Gallant

Long-term proxy (20 days at $95.00; balance at BA-0 rate): Leslie Liberato

Classified Contracts:

Martin Grace – Part-Time Cafeteria Worker, Level 1, $14.03 per hour, 3.5 hours per day

Chasity Taylor – Level 1 part-time cafeteria worker, $14.03 per hour, 3.5 hours per day

Jill Wilson – Part-time Cafeteria Worker, Level 1, $14.03 per hour, 3.5 hours per day

Student teaching assignments:

Rachael Harbaugh – Ohio Northern University with Nicholas Rackley, January 30 to May 12, 2023

Additional contracts:

Freshman Girls BasketballJessica Grandey

Assistant High School Boys Basketball, Tyler Rosendale

Head Middle School Wrestling, Michael Doty

Volunteer High School Assistant Wrestling, Jeffrey Kleman

Volunteer High School Assistant Wrestling, Tyrel Nuzum

Middle School Volunteer Wrestling Matthew Nuzum

Sidnie Koontz, assistant middle school basketball cheerleader

Decision to tender and solicit bids for the purchase of 1 school bus. Approved by the board.

Greg Denecker noted plans to replace either the #13 or #1 bus, depending on their form at the time; #13 is a replacement bus. It can take up to ten months for a new bus to arrive. The lead time increases.

Decision to announce a new roof for the 5th grade section of the elementary school and to seek bids. Approved by the board.

Denecker noted that this is the original 1997 roof. All sections of the elementary school will have been completed within the last 12 years. The middle school roof is probably next and is the same age. He noted that it has held up well and is inspected and serviced every year.

Donation approval and thank you letter to Ford B. Cauffiel for $5,000 for SOS tutoring. For the past 18 years, the district has received this annual gift from Cauffiel, a Toledo businessman. He supports both the schools in the city of Lima and the schools in Toledo. Approved by the board.

Hearing for the Archives Commission on Monday 19 December 2022 at 7:00 p.m. to review the disposal of records as recommended by the Treasurer (at the Superintendent’s Office).

CALENDAR FOR 2023-2024
This calendar will be similar to previous years. Instead of after the school year, an additional teacher training day takes place before the school year. The Easter weekend will be a little spring break. (The Icon will release an official copy next week.)


Mike Minnig, Principal:
– 213 students were on the honor roll of the first quarter
– High school staff are reaching out instead of waiting for parents to come to conferences
– Senior capstone projects with job shadowing are successful regardless of whether they validate or make students realize it’s not the right career
– The autumn game was still stuck at home; play’s Covid humor was appreciated
– The marching band performs at the Blaze parade on Saturday
– A strong performance by fall students

Mike Wilson, Maintenance Manager:
– Busy outdoors before the cold snap: ventilated fields, top dressing, etc.
– Winterized outdoor facilities including concession stands, toilets, irrigation systems

Josh Kaufmann, Middle School Principal:
– The outdoor school “had three seasons of weather”, all except summer; Supported by 30 volunteer parents
– Drug and alcohol awareness training is provided
– The first dance took place on Friday
– Ms. Ault updates photos in hallways
– Identity formation with each “house” of the middle school
– Held a Thanksgiving Day

Ben Thiel, elementary school principal
– The online registration for conferences went really well
– The Christmas concert will be recorded again this year for K-3
– Grades 4-5 have their own concerts
– The Science of Reading program will provide 18 hours of training for teachers by next year
– He is working on a literacy coach certificate

Marty Herr, Technology Coordinator
– Added a Lightspeed classroom tool that gives teachers a digital thumbnail of all their students to show what they’re doing online.
– VR Goggles were used by all classes. The teachers log out of the system for the whole day.
– Since the ransomware attack, there has been a lot of work related to cybersecurity.

Greg Denecker, Superintendent
– The State Conference of the Ohio Middle-Level Association was briefly mentioned. More details on honors and employee participation will be announced next week.

– Jim Raabe was inducted into the Athletic Director Hall of Fame. A story on this topic will also follow next week.

The December meeting has been rescheduled to December 12 at 5:30 p.m. due to a scheduling conflict for a Bard member.

The sitting adjourned at 8.16 p.m

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