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Free webinar on medical writing as a career

On November 27, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., take the opportunity to learn more about medical writing from our expert Ms. Sarabjit Sidhu. GAADS invites you to its FREE WEBINAR entitled Medical Writing as a Career.

Sarabjit Sidhu has over 12 years of clinical research experience in various roles. She has worked at various levels with various multinational pharmaceutical and contract research organizations. As an author, she has recently published a book, Clinical Research and Medical Writing Career Guide, which is recommended for students by many academic institutes. The book serves as an interview guide, focusing on what is required and avoiding too much unnecessary information. She has also regularly taught and mentored various groups of students.

The 45 minute session will be filled with insights into medical writing and the career path one can expect in the field. It will focus on the drug development process and the skills required to become a medical writer. The speaker will address the practical aspects she has gained from her experiences in clinical research and medical writing.

Medical writing is quickly becoming a coveted career given its importance in the pharmaceutical industry. All the more so as today’s regulators require extensive documentation in accordance with the verification measures. The demand for qualified medical editors has increased tremendously. Many large corporations and multinationals have created Regulatory Medical Writing Centers in India.

The pharmaceutical industry is involved in the research, development, production and marketing of drugs and therapeutic interventions. The market is growing rapidly, reaching $1.42 trillion in global sales in 2021. Medical writing as a professional field is just around the corner
high growth rate between 2019 and 2029. The industry is always in search of skilled medical editors who have an understanding of medical concepts and terminology. You must know and follow relevant guidelines and have a strong analytical flair for handling and presenting research data.

Medical writing involves the creation of elaborate scientific documents that include clinical research papers, content for health websites, health magazines, journals, and news. Medical writing can be classified into two types: regulatory medical writing and educational medical writing. As a Medical Writer, you learn about and work with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical research, hospitals, and the healthcare industry.

GAADS, an EdTech company, offers career-oriented courses and is committed to helping students prepare for the career challenges ahead. The courses are tailored to the latest industry requirements and guide the students on the path to their bright professional life. Training courses help strengthen students’ minds as they explore their careers outside of educational institutions.

The courses aim to make education affordable, flexible and industry-focused. The course material is created after thorough examination of the respective topic. GAADS provides quality medical editor training through online learning, online workshops and assignments. All online workshops are led by industry experts and leaders with hands-on expertise on the topic.

The webinar focuses on:
∙Medical writing as a career
∙Who can opt for this?
∙What are the qualifications and industry requirements?
∙What are the top companies looking for?
∙How do I prepare?

So if you are a Pharmacy, Life Sciences or Medical graduate or a student/copywriter interested in writing about medical and scientific information, here is your chance to explore a career path. It will help you to work in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical research, hospitals and healthcare industries.
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The GAADS offers quality training for medical editors through online learning. All online workshops are led by industry experts and leaders with hands-on expertise on the topic. We conduct online workshops with a certain frequency. For details on upcoming online workshops, please register with us and you will receive emails with the updates. The online workshop program includes topics that span all areas of medical writing.

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