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Doshi launches crypto education program for teenagers across the UK

LONDON, UK, Nov. 24, 2022 / — Doshi launches crypto education program for teens across the UK

London, November 2022: Doshi, an educational crypto wallet specifically designed for teenagers and their guardians, has officially partnered with schools across the UK to launch their educational programme.

The easiest way for teachers to help students learn about Blockchain and Web3 in the classroom. Doshi Academy is a bootcamp-style course for young students aged 13+ that gives them a thorough introduction to blockchain and Web3. Web3 is the next evolution of the internet where users own and manage the data they create. Web3 is projected to become a $1 trillion+ industry by 2030. Since launching its education programme, Doshi has partnered with several schools across the UK including Northampton Boys and Mount House. The program is slated to launch next month with blockchain lesson plans created by Sara Trickey, the head of tech at Mount House. Sara’s lessons will be added to the teacher portal, which will go online in December.

According to a recent poll by T. Rowe Price, 40% of young adults believe crypto is the future of investing. And according to Doshi’s poll of 600 young adults ages 16 and 17 in the US and UK, 63% of teens say they are crypto-curious. Doshi’s app aims to be an all-in-one solution for teens and young adults who want to explore digital assets but aren’t sure where to start. The majority of under 18s are currently unable to access the digital assets ecosystem due to age restrictions on exchanges and confusing UI/UX for their guardians. Doshi allows young adults to access crypto through easy-to-setup sponsored parent or guardian accounts that go through KYC for them. In addition to offering opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies and collect NFTs, Doshi also offers comprehensive educational courses designed by industry experts to introduce beginners to the world of crypto and equip them with the knowledge they need to master it safely explore new internet paradigm.

Doshi has also partnered with Polygon Studios, Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 scaling solution, to launch the first NFT learning offering for teenagers. The collaboration aims to enable scalable blockchain learning for the next generation. The value of blockchain will only really be unlocked for us when the next generation of users actively participates in the web3 ecosystem. This collaboration is a first step in bringing Web3 to a younger audience, who now have the opportunity to learn about and discover blockchain use cases.

Doshi was founded by Daniel Rose (CEO) and Jaco Koenig (CTO) after seeing a gap in the market for teenagers and young adults to safely get on board and participate in the world of blockchain technology. Commenting on the educational program, CEO and co-founder Daniel Rose said: “We are excited for our educational program to go live, we believe this is a crucial subject to be taught in schools and aim to have over 20 by Spring 2023 Enrolling institutions gives the new generation a sense of understanding, access and influence over their digital assets.”

Doshi is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and users can easily create their profile, start learning and investing, and even create AI-generated NFTs.


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Doshi is a crypto wallet that helps teenagers learn and safely explore the world of crypto under the supervision of their parents. Doshi is a multi-chain, no-custodial wallet that allows users to store and buy digital assets. Find out more about our youth-friendly digital crypto wallet here.

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