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Oh the places you’ll go

College applications are due, and the seniors at Pasadena Unified are busy filling them out, revising their essays, and waiting for admission. CSU and UC college applications are due Wednesday, November 30, and other deadlines can be found here:

School enrollment in the neighborhood for 2023-24

Registrations for the neighborhood schools begin Thursday, December 1:

• New to PUSD TK-12 students who prefer their neighborhood school.

• Current PUSD students who are progressing into 6th or 9th grade and prefer to attend their neighborhood school.

• Note: Lottery applications are required for all bilingual programs.


campus tours

PUSD prepares children for success by promoting life skills as well as academic excellence. See for yourself how PUSD is setting up your child to thrive. Info:

Navigating the open registry

Considering a signature program like bilingual or another PUSD school as your dorm school? PEN (Pasadena Education Network) presents a detailed overview of the Pasadena Unified School District’s open enrollment process. This program will be offered virtually, with Spanish translation, on Tuesday 6 December from 7pm to 8pm.


Find something suitable for high school

PUSD aims to help middle school families find the “right place” at a district high school. Join a Zoom family engagement to meet school leaders, learn more about the academies, and discover resources to help you find the perfect school for kids.

The event will take place on Thursday, December 8 at 6 p.m.


The key to the McKinley School’s success

With the Summit Learning program, the McKinley School (TK-8th grade) equips its middle school students with the knowledge, habits, and skills they need to succeed.

Summit Learning is a personalized approach to teaching and learning that extends the classroom beyond the school day to help students, parents and teachers stay connected.

McKinley students in grades six through eight develop lifelong learning skills and discover how to take ownership of their learning and problem-solve with their peers.

The platform includes more than 200 projects in which students can apply their knowledge and deepen their learning. It’s a way to connect the classroom to the real world. Within the core curriculum (English, Math, History and Science), students can also explore atypical topics that connect the classroom to the real world, such as: B. financial security, health/well-being, building strong relationships, and community leadership.

Through large and small groups and individual sessions, students apply enduring skills – such as working with a team, interpreting data, and presenting persuasive arguments.

Students set long- and short-term goals and discuss both their academic and emotional experiences as they work toward those goals. Together, McKinley teachers and students celebrate successes, discuss reasons for obstacles, and share areas of learning.

“It’s so much more than assignments and grades. Students can find everything from teacher feedback to handouts to notes, grades and instructions,” explained Dr. Merian Stewart, Principal at McKinley.

“Students have everything they need to be successful. It helps build their confidence and independence and prepares them for success in high school and beyond.”

Students can access the entire curriculum at any time of the day via the Summit Learning online platform. They see a detailed, color-coded dashboard that explains what work needs to be done, how it’s done, and the resources available to help them at any time.

Students work through the content at their own pace and take quizzes to demonstrate their understanding so they can find out how they learn best and make them aware of what they are learning and why they are learning it.

McKinley teachers guide and mentor students throughout the school day. Before and after school, Summit extends the classroom beyond the school day and engages parents/guardians.

Parents/guardians can view everything from teacher feedback to assessments and grades on the Summit Learning online platform.

Principals say it empowers students to plan ahead, recognize when they’re ready, take an assessment to measure their mastery of content, and go back and identify areas for growth.

“We understand that every child is unique, and we encourage students to set their own goals and strive for new personal excellence with Summit,” said Billie Johnson, McKinley Instructional Coach.

“We make sure children meet certain deadlines, but they can also retrace their steps to see where they might have gotten a little lost. It gives them the confidence to move forward.”

Open enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is now taking place at PUSD, visit to learn more.

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