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November 24, 2022 7:34 p.m IS

NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 24 (ANI/PNN): As the whole world took a step closer to online education, GroTechMinds didn’t hold back; Instead, it came out on top and structured something innovative and exclusive.
This led to it winning the India Trade Award 2022 in the Business Excellence in Online Learning Platform category.
GroTechMinds has received the India Trade Award 2022 for Business Excellence in an Online Learning Platform. GroTechMinds is a leading technical education platform that offers training and courses in software testing, software development, databases, analytics and cloud technologies, among many other technical courses.
GroTechMinds aims to educate technical aspirants to acquire knowledge, develop skills and build a successful career in technology. GroTechMinds Software Private Limited is based in the Silicon City of India, Bangalore and serves thousands of technology learners on every continent. With the help of industry veterans and the ever-learning market demand, GroTechMinds is building an industry-ready workforce for the IT world.
Her journey started with a YouTube channel, SoftwareTestingByMKT. They received excellent response through videos, and many students started contacting them to learn more about various software-related courses. eventually they emerged as GroTechMinds and made a name for themselves in the online education and tech space.
The Business Excellence Award is given to those who have outstanding practices in managing the organization and delivering results, all based on a core set of concepts or values.

They received this recognition because of their dedication and commitment to providing quality education and empowering students to fulfill their potential in technology. This award recognizes his commitment to providing quality education and empowering students to grow and thrive in their chosen fields.
GroTechMinds is a leader in Education due to its exclusive features such as Online/Offline Tech Courses, 100% Money Back Guarantee, Interview Preparation, Hands-on Workshops, Job Alerts/Placement Assistance, Resume Preparation, HR Interviews, MockSessions , IOS/Android apps, Recorded videos and ISO certified certificates. They well understood the need of the hour and catered to it.
They educate and help students/candidates build a career. They also provide rigorous online and offline training in disciplines such as manual testing, automated testing, databases (SQL), core Java, application programming interface, and software development (front-end and back-end).
They have managed to place their students in top MNCs like Infosys, Accenture and Google and successful startups with their extensive curriculum and training in technology-related education. Their students are not only known for having theoretical knowledge, but they also have hands-on experience with the practical knowledge required in their field of work.
Founder, Manish Kumar Tiwari, promises to continue to strive for excellence in everything GroTechMinds does in order to offer its students the best possible learning experience with its exclusivity. He also believes that GroTechMinds is the perfect platform for college graduates, IT professionals, unemployed youth and those looking to improve their careers or increase their salary.
GroTechMinds has conducted over 100 live courses monthly, conducted over 50 mock interviews and trained over 1,00,000. They not only have Indian students but also have students from more than 50 countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom and different parts of the world. They have written more than 10,000 success stories worldwide, along with the Business Excellence Award.
They have a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers from various technical fields, as well as business and technology teams, working day and night to ensure that students are provided with the right products, services and features in the app that are relevant to their Contribute to and lead to success Win the Business Excellence Award in the online learning platform.
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