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In the At the first LAC ICT Talent Summit, co-organized by Huawei, UNESCO and EFE, leaders called for a concerted effort from policymakers, the private sector and academia to invest more in efforts to increase digital capabilities and increase the pool of digital talent.

MEXICO CITY, November 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital sector leaders, educational institutions and policymakers Thursday called for a concerted effort to grow the digital talent pool Latin America and the Caribbeanafter the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lack of connectivity and the lack of well-prepared people to work in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) are two of the challenges in the region. These are part of the conclusions of the first LAC Talent Summit co-organized by global leader in digital infrastructure Huawei, UNESCO and news agency EFE with the support of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

“Our work in Latin America and the Caribbeanto the Latin America and the Caribbeanis to support the construction of connection networks, provide cutting-edge and green technologies, and put our knowledge and skills at the service of communities to cultivate digital talent and fill gaps,” said Michael XueVice President at Huawei Latin America and the Caribbean.

During the discussions, the guests covered topics such as the accelerating digital transformation, the job market for ICT professionals and the challenges countries are facing to meet the need for qualified human resources and digital skills.

This is shown by research results from the international consulting firm IDC Latin America and the Caribbean It is expected that by 2026 there will be demand for an additional 2.5 million ICT-related professionals versus the current pool of 6.3 million.

Claudia UribeDirector of the Regional Office for Education for America Latina and Caribbean of UNESCO (OREALC), spoke about the challenges of bridging the talent gap.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to close the digital divide and make digital content, technology and connectivity available to all,” she said.

Arun SundararajanHarold Price Professor of Entrepreneurship at Leonard N. Stern Business School, New York Universitysaid that digital technologies will transform work in the coming decades and lead to radical changes in the demand for talent.

“Two educational policy imperatives will be crucial,” he said. “We need to create a ‘scaffolding’ for talent to reach the global market by creating gateways that allow talent with different skill levels to access platforms of opportunity.”

“We also need education systems that focus on career transition for workers who will be displaced by automation. The global focus of the 20thth Century was at the vocational school the need for the 21St The focus of the century is on the mid-career transition,” he added.

The participants of the conference, which brought together around 100 experts and 150 students from Latin America and the Caribbeanalso discussed formulas to improve the impact of each part of the digital ecosystem by adding individual efforts towards the same goal.

Huawei has launched a number of talent initiatives Latin America and the Caribbean, which has trained 50,000 talents in recent years. Since 2014, it has operated its flagship Seeds for the Future program, offering nearly 1,800 scholarships for students wishing to receive intensive training and visit the company’s headquarters Shenzhensouthern China. It has also formed partnerships with about 400 universities in the region that offer capacity building under the Huawei ICT Academy program. Many students also participated in the Huawei Global ICT Competition and Developer’s Competition.

“As a leading technology company, we are proud of our contribution to reducing the digital gaps in different countries. The lack of well-prepared ICT people is an urgency that we must face together with universities and governments by working harder and in a more coordinated way,” said Zhou DanjinPresident of Huawei Latin America.

The LAC ICT Talent Summit, jointly organized by Huawei, OREALC and EFE, aims to be a multilateral platform to advance joint efforts Latin America and the Caribbean Expand the regional digital talent pool in response to the demand created by accelerating digital transformation.

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